I haven’t talked about it on here in a while, but my neighbor Bryan (Father to Noah–aka Prince Charming and husband to Ashley–my friend who recently renovated my front yard) is an AMAZING photographer. He recently received a new polaroid camera as a gift and happened to try it out while our children were playing together in our front yard (lucky me!). Check out these classic looking shots.

If Pace does marry Noah one day [as she claims she will and reminds him of often], they will have the cutest rehearsal dinner video EVER 🙂

6 Responses to “A Bryan Photo”

  1. Darby says:

    Abby, I love this picture… why have you been hiding it!? Love the polariods too!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. mitzi says:

    He is amazing, I went to his websit and wow! Makes me want to take pictures in a completly different way. Did you get your night stand?

  3. ashr7406 says:

    Those are precious, and so are your babies 🙂

  4. Kendall Boggs says:

    Pace looks just like Taylor in one of those pics!!! Love those pics!

  5. Blueprint Bliss says:

    Love the photos Bryan took. He does amazing work…

  6. Konie says:

    Abby….i've had him under "my favorites" since a wedding he did for one of Jessica's good friends. I THINK I remember you mentioning him before on your blog. I actually spoke to him at the wedding in Montgomery I went to: ) He probably was wondering where I came from…hahahhaa….BUT he is pretty incredible!!! I'm an A BRYAN PHOTO fan : )

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