It’s not that it has taken over a week to recover from my children being on Christmas break, so much as it has taken a week to get back into our normal routine.  It was wonderful to stay up as late as we wanted, sleep as late as we wanted, and only shower when absolutely necessary.


But, a routine feels nice once the bandaid is ripped off and we settle back under our yoke.


I have started questioning the pace in which we live, however.  I have started questioning if I want my primary role with my children to be forever hurrying them to the next thing.  “Did you remember ____, Hurry!, Why aren’t your shoes on your feet?, Hurry!, Get IN the car, Hurry!, Who took the wipes out of the diaper bag?, Hurry!, Do you understand what HURRY means?…”



These are the words of life and love I speak to my children all day long…and I hate it.  It’s what I don’t like about the routine.


And I’ve started to question if there is another way?  And I think God may have answered…I’ll fill you in when I know for sure.




5 Responses to “Christmas Recovery”

  1. Ashley says:

    Oh Abby, these could be my words. I am also a mother of four. Our younger children, four year old twins, started preschool this year. We “hurry” every morning, afternoon and evening. I LIVE for Friday afternoon to Sunday!! I think I know exactly what you think could fix everything. I thought about it for the first time this year. Thought it would simplify everything. However, it seems daunting to me. My older children are in the 4th and 3rd grades. Anyway, good luck to you. I’ll be waiting for your next post to see if my suspicions are correct. In the meantime, from an outsider looking in, you are doing a great job!! Those four are blessed!!

  2. Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss says:

    I cannot wait for the next post…. I’m serious. So many of us have the same feelings and are on the same page. xoxo.

  3. Christine says:

    I am going to echo Brooke here, I cannot wait to read the next post. I feel like we are on this perpetual hamster wheel, and running our legs off, hurrying from one place to the next… and for what? I’ve prayed diligently that God would open the door for a change of pace, but its not in his plans right now. So the beat goes on. Excited to read what’s in store!

  4. Jillian says:

    I’m guessing homeschool and can’t wait to hear if I’m right. Although Molly Ruth is only 2 (almost 3), I am seriously thinking about homeschooling. Lots of prayer and research will be involved. ..

  5. Kim says:

    Look at all those sweet babies – I am one of 4 girls as well and can’t even imagine the wild joy of all having babies together!
    None of mine are in school just yet, and I’m honestly a little terrified of the new dimension that next stage will bring. I love reading your honest thoughts on it all!

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