One Clark Griswald sized Christmas tree that is beautiful but way too big for our small house…check!One fire roaring in the fireplace (If you are like us and cannot afford to buy more wood, feel free to burn wood scraps from your shop as seen here)…check!
Old school Christmas music crackling on the record player…check!Three mugs of hot chocolate with extra whipping cream…check!One little urchin who is up way too late for Christmas tree decoration…

and who is ready and willing to shatter anything in her grasp…check!
One little elf who is so excited about her hot chocolate that she is acting intoxicated… but is also very willing and able to help…check!

One beautiful tree…

With the flash off for effect…check!
Merry Merry!

8 Responses to “Christmas Tree Decorating Checklist”

  1. Kendall Boggs says:

    WOW! Being a Christmas Vacation family we LOVE the tree! Where is the burned up cat though, oh and…you forgot cusin Eddie. Not sure you know this but Lynn’s 50th birthday was a Christmas Vacation party. Everyone had to dress up like a character in Christmas Vacation. We had the over cooked turkey on the table, the burned up Christmas tree in the foyer, we even rented the crappiest RV and Gregory was out there emptying the you know whater in a robe and had one of those goofy fur hats on. I even found the antler cups for eggnog on ebay! You guys gotta do this, it was a blast! you would not have believed how many men came with a goofy sweater and dickey on. and white shoes. Oh, and we were sent jelly of the month for at least a year. We did’n’t have a Snot though, but had to buy 2 generators to light up the 25,000 lights we put on the house. Remember that obsessive blog??? Your tree looks amazing and I know the girls had a ba-last decorating it!

  2. Darby says:

    Abby! I love it! Looks beautiful! I also loved our “roadside visit”… I’m counting down the years until y’all move to Dothan so we can be “real life” friends and not internet stalkers! Won’t our husbands be so proud if we can take our friendship to another level… beyond the blogs? Tell Jeremiah I’m getting Matt {the ortho resident at UofL} his info so they can chat!

  3. mitzi says:

    I bought the DVD of Christmas Vacation yesterday for Joe’s birthday next week. We all have it memorized!! They girls and the tree are beautiful!

  4. ashr7406 says:

    Love the pictures!! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. Carly Winborne says:

    This year I have a skinny fake tree (although it’s what I wanted) so I can really appreciate the round, REAL tree. Love, love, love it. And the “flash off” photo is perfect.

    Those sweet little girls of yours are just so cute.

  6. The Mize Family says:

    So how are you going to keep Mary Aplin from getting in your tree? I can’t figure out what to do with Jonathan besides stand there and guard it 🙂

  7. meredith says:

    I have those same mugs! Great minds think alike and also have great taste! Have a very merry Christmas! Maybe we will run into y’all during the holidays!

  8. Kellie Patton says:

    It’s beautiful and as for trees, the bigger the better, as long as they’re not bent over at the top – it’s so fun to have eager “helpers” – a few of our ornaments have been broken, but I put the REAL nice ones up high and the ones that get broken, oh well, it’s worth it to see the joy in the children’s faces as they experience Christmas!

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