There are two basic home styles that make my heart beat fast. One is the English cottage: stone, steep gables, heavy rugs, candle-light, firewood, meandering passageways. The other is the farmhouse, and here my style preference diverges. I like the traditional white painted wood exterior, wrap around porch, tin roof, wide-plank pine floors…but Jeremiah doesn’t. Soooo, the other farmhouse style we both grow giddy over is the converted barn: wide-open architecture, rustic charm, a hay loft where kids can play and sleep, plenty of wall-space for my bookcases with that rolling ladder :). That’s not a style I would imagine finding in the middle of Seattle’s Capitol Hill district, but find it we have! Welcome to Melrose Market




It’s a grocery store of sorts, with two different restaurants inside as well. Every time we have company come to visit, we tell them we want to take them to a delicious sandwich shop called “Homegrown.

The sandwiches (and breakfast, for that matter) are delicious. However, the food is merely a happy accessory. I come to drink in this beautiful space.
On warm days, these windows all slide to one side, virtually eliminating one wall. Welcoming you to step right in…
And peruse the cheese shop,


And meet the butcher boys (who had just asked me if I was going to make them famous :)),

Swoon over the fresh vegetables and flowers,

Even the sweet little bread cart makes me smile. However, the hidden gem, is at the very back of the market. I go there first usually, before I even order my sandwich…

It’s my dream kitchen in restaurant form.

The name of the restaurant is Sitka and Spruce. I’ve never actually eaten there, but they cook while you eat and watch. And use spices from this delightful spice rack

Does the marble and bead board make you squeal too?

Is the open fire in the back MORE than a dream come true??? What about the industrial range? Small change request, very small, but I wish those pots were copper. We are dreaming, right?

Even leaded glass windows and burlap curtains.

Aghhhh. Now the song “If I Had a Million Dollars” is playing in my head. How about you?
I’ll leave you with a teaser picture from our weekend, AND the exciting news that JEREMIAH will be in this space soon. I don’t know why, but he told me he wanted to write a blog. I don’t know what he plans to write about (he was very mysterious and hiding the computer from me when I tried to peek), but it’s sure to be interesting!

8 Responses to “Dream Home Tour”

  1. Konie says:

    YAY!!! I can say I've been to these places in the pictures!!! AND WOW…what an amazing city and state!! We had the time of our lives!!! ANd best of all was being with you, Jeremiah, Pace, and Mary Aplin:)))) All your friends and family already know this, but for those new blog readers out there…Pace and Mary Aplin are the best mannered and behaved little ones I've ever been around! And as sweet as they come:) You and Jeremiah have to be commended for being the parents that you are:) And hostesses….how welcomed I felt the entire 12 days I was with you! As Ken and I both have said….we could have stayed longer!!:) Thanks again for all you did for us from cooking to sharing your city and state:) 12 days packed full of special memories:))))) Missing you all and can't wait to be with you again!! 🙂

  2. The Rigoloso's says:

    i want to go! reminds me of the ferry building in san francisco. can't wait to see the rest of the pictures! happy november, abby!

  3. Kat says:

    This place looks amazing. I wish I could step through the pictures and experience it in person!

  4. Susannah says:

    I swear Abby…you make me want to move to Seattle! Beautiful pictures!

  5. Kendall Clark says:

    Abby, Watson said the same thing to me Sunday afternoon. Maybe they were talking? Love the Market, can't wait to be surrounded by beautiful design. agh the joys. Love you!

  6. Katharina says:

    looks amazing! Barn and Snow!

    I found these barn-photos a while ago and thought you might like it:

  7. Gail says:

    I am going to save all your reports! IF Ashley and Don have to return to Seattle I will know where to go! YOU have found the most WONDERFUL places! Thanks for sharing them all and the PIC's are to die for! Please post the name of Jeremiah's blogspot! I am so glad that you are all adjusting and loving life! Keep sending more PIC's and reports, too! LOVE all of this!!!! Happy Day, G

  8. Anonymous says:

    I did not major in marketing but the high end businesses pictured here, tells me this neighborhood must have the real estate listing of the 16 Comstock St. parcel listed at 3.6 million, i'm guessing it must be nearby!!!! — as their picture window views are as magnificent as yours are. fantastic

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