We are still here. This weekend Jeremiah was on call, and apparently quite a few people were in the mood to break bones. I always hate when those loooong weekends roll into a loooong week and Pace says on Sunday night, “Is Daddy going to be here when I wake up in the morning?” “No, baby, he has work again tomorrow.” “Well, is he going to come home early?” “No, I don’t think so.” “Mommy, are you sure he isn’t out of town?” 🙂

Well, she may not have woken up on Monday morning to Daddy being home, but she did wake up to a raging ear infection and a 102.7 degree fever! Yesterday was crazy. Between a sickly hurting Pace who just wanted me to hold her, a little Lucy who couldn’t be anywhere near Pace, but who also wanted to be held, and a mischievous Dapples:
Thankfully, we survived until last night when Ashley had us over to celebrate Jeremiah’s birthday (which will be here tomorrow…but he’s on call tomorrow, WOULDN’T YOU JUST KNOW IT!). She had flowers and her finest china on the table, crystal and silver, filets with a whiskey cream sauce (that I wanted to pour over my entire plate instead of just my steak), and Jeremiah’s favorite dessert that only she can make…and I know it took her hours. Thanks Sashey for a wonderful end to a very hard day! We even left her with all the clean-up because the ear infection was a-raging like fire. Could a man ask for a better sister or a wife a better sister-in-law?

5 Responses to “Ear Infection and Birthday Dinner”

  1. Love Being a Nonny says:

    Any family member who cares enough to prepare a meal for you is tops in my book. What a blessing!

    Hope the ear infection is better!

  2. Mott @ The Courtyard Gate says:

    How thoughtful of Ashley! Also, hoping Pace's ear infection is getting better. It's so hard on everyone when they're so sick! I remember those days!

  3. JD and Danielle says:

    I feel like I am constantly telling our little Jeremiah that daddy is at work! I guess that will never change.

  4. melissa richie says:

    Yick…ear infection AND call. So sorry your little one is sick.

    Hope you guys are all hanging out together soon. Happy Birthday, Jeremiah!!

  5. Gail says:

    That Ashley sure has grown up to be— a great woman! How sweet, sweet, sweet of her to do this. You hang in there…I know it is daunting today, but tomorrow will come with a brighter day and you will look back on it all and see how worth it all was! It will happen. I promise! You are a great Mom and wife. Your family is so bless to have you. :O

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