The Best Easter News I’ve Had Since the Resurrection









On the car ride home, Pace said, “Mom I was really nervous with all those people, but as soon as I went under the water, I wasn’t nervous any more.”

“Pace, I think that’s called God giving you peace,” I said.

A quiet moment in the back seat. ┬áThen she replied, “I think God’s peace is a miracle.”

“Me too,” I said with a chuckled laugh.

“I knew I was doing what He told me to do.”

16 Responses to “The Best Easter News I’ve Had Since the Resurrection”

  1. Von Beasley says:

    lump in my throat, tears in my eyes.

  2. Gail says:

    There are NO words…..:O)

  3. Darby says:

    Way to go, Pace!! What awesome news!!!!! I love the pictures… so sweet!!!

  4. kat says:

    Oh my! This brought tears to my eyes!!! Such a special day and she was so brave! Happy Easter!

  5. Konie says:

    heartwarming, touching, and very special:)) ………..XOXO

  6. Chessa says:

    Great pictures! Your post title says it all. So happy to have another sister-in-the LORD!

  7. What a precious, precious Easter celebration. Love y’all.

  8. molly says:

    Abby, the series of pictures of your man & your firstborn in the waters of baptism are as powerful as they are beautiful. Love the one of Jeremiah & the pastor skaking hands. Wise words, sweet Pace! ps This post makes me want to be a mother all the more.

  9. Azurae says:

    YES!!! Amen Pace! Praise the Lord. What an awesome day!!

  10. lindsey says:

    i love when the Lord reminds us what it is to have faith like a child. i know your hearts are full. so excited for pace! what an awesome easter.

  11. JJ says:

    What a precious time for your family and for you husband to be able to be in the waters with her…tears of joy flowing this morning. Pace is such a sweet young sister in Christ and she will be in my prayers as she embarks on her journey with HIM. God’s blessings on your family.

  12. Jessica says:

    What a blessing! So proud of Pace’s decision! What an encouragement and joy. So glad we serve a RISEN SAVIOR!

  13. Carmel says:

    oh…how great!!! what an awesome Easter!!! much rejoicing in heaven yesterday!!!

  14. kristen says:

    How precious! Your dad shared this wonderful news in Sunday School AND his lesson was on peace:) Our daughter walked down the aisle on Easter Sunday last year and it was the best Easter ever! What a blessing for Pace and for your family!

  15. Sarah says:

    made me cry =) good mama. raising those babies right =)

  16. Emily W. Holcombe says:

    So sweet, Abby… I love your website! You are a talented writer and communicator. Love the pictures too! What a beautiful family you have!!!

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