We only had two nights with all three of Jeremiah’s siblings. They have busy lives and we felt honored that they took the time to swoop in and bring some added joy to us. Ashley, Alex, and Josh drove in on Thursday night, after a jaunt up Highway 1 from LA, through the wine country and rocky ocean precipices of the Pacific, to Portland, and finally—Seattle!! It was a very bizarre feeling, to welcome them as they drove up our driveway. Something about the fact that we are living in Seattle and have felt like we were on a slightly different planet, and then they just drove up like they were dropping in for dinner in Dothan, Alabama. What’s up y’all? No big deal….
I asked my friend Azurae what her perfect day would be in Seattle, and it sounded so delightfully perfect that on Friday, we followed her advice to the “T” (and I didn’t bring my camera, like a big dummy). A jaunt through Pike Place Market, to take in the flying fish, vendors, fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers, and the original Starbucks. Then, off to lunch at what Azurae said would be her “last meal in Seattle,” Matt’s in the Market.
(Picture borrowed, randomly, via Yelp, from Jeremiah C. Hoping to get a pic from Ashley soon to replace this one.)
With it’s floor to ceiling warehouse style windows, overlooking the heart of Pike’s Place, the lolling sunflowers on every table, and the scrumptious food…we were a happy family.
After lunch we went back to the market where we bought some Alaskan halibut from the flying fish men, lots of fresh vegetables to accompany the fish, and some local cheese and fruit for an appetizer, for our dinner that night. We did squeeze in some music, a run around our new neighborhood (not this big Mama though :)), and a little park time for the girls in between our two big meals. We finished the night lingering over dinner on the porch, watching Seattle twinkle in the distance. It was sort of perfect.
The next day was much more chill. We hung around in our pajamas until we made it to Greenlake Park for a run (Have you ever seen five adults and double stroller running together down a lil’ track? I felt like people were diving out of our way.).

(This picture of Greenlake borrowed from here. Did y’all know that people are still roller-blading???)

Then we ended our day at Palace Kitchen. You remember? The same place Jeremiah and I went on our date. If you come to Seattle, you really must go.


The next day we said goodbye to Allie, who had to fly home for work or some crazy business :), and we headed to a trail in the Snoqualmie Forest that promised three waterfalls.


It was absolutely enchanting. I couldn’t decide if I were on a movie set:


Or deep in a magical wood,


I felt like I was going to bump into an evil witch at any moment


Or maybe Pace was just going to turn into one after hiking a mile and half UP-hill on her little legs.

The reward was great though!!!




We were all really proud of how great Pace did. Despite that one shot, there really was very little complaining from that mountain goat.


This one, however…


Never had her feet touch the ground. When you’ve got an Aunt and Uncle willing to spoil you, I guess it’s smart to take advantage while you can 🙂


It was a beautiful, invigorating experience, that left us all tuckered out:

Have I mentioned that Mary Aplin is potty trained, even in the wilderness :)?


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  1. Susannah says:

    Oh Abby…these are truly breathtaking pictures! I'm so glad your Jeremiah's sisters and brother came to visit you guys! Thanks for sharing your jaunts with us.

  2. Lindsey says:

    beautiful pictures! beautiful family! and the waterfall reminds me so much of our recent hike to peavine falls:).

  3. Nancy says:

    Beautiful pictures & a precious post about your family!

  4. Angela says:

    Yes…people still roller-blade. I laughed out loud when we moved here (Jacksonville, FL) and saw someone doing it.

  5. darby says:

    Love this post! And I love Pace's shirt! 🙂 Also, I think it's hilarious that Dapples is wearing bloomers as panties! Miss y'all!!

  6. Melissa says:

    Now have wasted probably an hour at work as love your blog and your cute family! Anyway is this “cowboy Josh” from the TLC show? I had seen photos of him on Darby’s blog ages ago and think he is smokin hot! Then rumor has it he was on some short lived Bamma Belles TV show. Anyway he’s a hottie! Stalker I swear I am not just funny seeing someone on a blog and recognizing them from another.

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