When we lived in Birmingham, our best friends lived across the street and in our neighborhood.  We have missed the simple afternoons of walking out our front door and following the sounds of children’s laughter, until we discovered where our friends were congregating.  Last week, we heard some of those sounds of laughter, close at hand, again.


I love Lauren.

She makes me want to be better.

It’s not really a visit to Seattle without a stop at the market.

We found a gem of an old bookstore, tucked in a back corner of the Farmer’s Market.  Old books are a passion that Lauren and I share.  I’m not sure there’s anything more fun than discovering a treasure with someone who understands just why it’s such a treasure to you.  We pilfered so long that we wore the girls out.  They plopped in front of this band–mesmerized–and refused to move.



We decided a little food might help the wee-uns spirits.


Do you see the sign? Tom Hanks sat in the seat when filming Sleepless in Seattle.

It did.


Later that afternoon we left the girls at home taking naps (with John David babysitting) and Lauren, Taylor, and I went to film a horror movie….


Or do the Underground Tour.  If you like history and prepare yourself that there WILL be an abundance of corney jokes, then I would recommend it.  Especially if it’s a rainy day (which, percentages are high, it will be) and you DON’T have children with you.  It would be a nightmare with children.


The next day we took the ferry ride to Bainbridge Island and toured the Bloedel Reserve.


It was pretty.  I wouldn’t say it’s a must-see for your visit to Seattle, but if you’re planning to spend a day on Bainbridge Island, it would be a fun place to spend the afternoon.  (Especially if you have children with you who would rather run around than walk around in the little shops of Bainbridge Island).

We felt like the star marked “Vistor’s Center” on the map, was a tad bit UNDERrated.


Ummm, nicest Vistor’s Center I’ve ever seen.


And this was the view from the back lawn.


Could I live there please?

This is Taylor, my sister who is much more artistic than I am, who I was trying to tell how to take a good picture….


She didn’t so much feel like she needed lessons from me 🙂

We shared some wonderful meals at our favorite place to eat in Seattle.


And Lauren and I had a girls’ night, watching the sun set at Gasworks Park.


Since the sun doesn’t set until around 9:30 around here these days, and we’d done some hard playing, the little ladies offered us one of those rare times you anticipate as a mother.  The times when they’re content to snuggle quietly in your laps.  The times when you get to feel the warmth and connection of motherhood, while still finishing a conversation with another adult.  Rare moment.  Rare moment.


We dissected books we’d read, made lists of must-reads for our girls and each other, talked about the real joys and real hardships of life…and made some memories I know I’ll never forget.


Thanks for flying all the way across the country, just to see us.  We love you friends.

6 Responses to “Our Friends”

  1. Nancy says:

    Precious memories! They look like such a sweet family!

  2. Molly says:

    Love sweet visits from dear friends. Your pictures are beautiful as always. Have you read Leif Enger, Peace Like a River? I think of you so often while reading it.

  3. Rebecca S. says:

    Abby! If you haven’t read “Heaven is for Real” I highly recommend y’all add it to your list of books to read!

  4. Lauren says:

    It’s fun to have visitors in a faraway place. And where is the rest of lauren’s crew?

  5. Love the photos. What a treat to have Lauren and her sweet family visit!

  6. Caitlin says:

    So thankful you got to spend time with Lauren! You both are so lovely and fun 🙂

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