I woke up this morning wishing I had a friend I could shout “War Eagle!” to (Thanks Darby, for not thinking I’d lost my mind when I couldn’t resist the urge). I dressed the girls for gameday, and mourned all the years I’ve spent rolling my eyes at how the entire state of Alabama shuts down when there’s a big game.
Tonight, we have community group at our house and I didn’t know how to break it to my house full of non-football fans that…I wanted to watch a bunch of grown men knocking each other down instead of talking about a sermon tonight. Back home, it would have been assumed. There would have been a note in the church bulletin canceling all community groups for Monday night and encouraging everybody to just get together for fellowship instead…Nobody seemed to know that here.
So now, I hope my family (who considers me the puniest football fan who ever lived) is getting a good laugh over my brave attempt to turn my cherished community group into a tailgate party.
The group, however, is officially on-board (though I’m not sure they understand why) and have even agreed to bring tailgate food (though they had to ask me what, exactly, that was :)).
Look for Watson Downs #51!! Kendall’s sweet boyfriend who offered us his seats in the football family section of the game…and now I’m wondering how/why in the world we didn’t take out a loan and GO!!!
War Eagle!!!!
(This is my favorite picture of my Mom–and it’s her on the field cheering for Auburn)

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  1. Suzanne Jordan Deriso says:

    Abby, I was a KD at Auburn with your sweet Mom! I too love this picture of her. I am a faithful follower of your blog…you have a beautiful family.
    War Eagle!!

  2. azurae says:

    So….the mascot is a tiger, but you yell "War Eagle!". Maybe we can discuss that tonight?!

  3. Brittny says:

    I feel you!! I only live about 4 hours from Auburn, but I'm surrounded by Gator fans! (you can only imagine how annoying they were about Tebow last year! Even brought him up in S.S.) You can't even find anything Auburn around here unless they bought it online or in AL. We are dressed in our orange and blue and just waiting for the game tonight. I have to watch it alone since my husband is on nights, but he's got his bright orange shirt on with his scrubs and ready to go too! War Eagle!!!!!

  4. Darby says:

    I'll always take a hearty "War Eagle!" instead of a "hello"! Next time, we'll all be together for a big game and no explanations will be needed! 🙂 War Damn Eagle!!!

  5. Dana McCain says:

    OK Abby. My nerves are raw b/c I'm so nervous I'm about to barf. My husband, who went to Troy, really doesn't get it. Then I read this post and get to that beautiful picture of Becky (who GOT IT, no question), and I had a Level 10 MELTDOWN. I sobbed big, ugly racking sobs. I can't really explain whether they were happy or sad, or just a welcome emotional release on a day like this, but it took me by surprise. War Eagle, friend. War Eagle. War Damn Eagle.

  6. Alana Wyatt Steppe says:

    Abby, as you may or may not know by now (don't know if Taylor has told you), my husband and I are living about 1 1/2 North of Seattle on Whidbey Island… There are no Auburn fans here either! I feel your pain. I wore a tiger shirt to school and was asked if I went to Clemson?! What?! War Eagle from the great Northwest.

  7. Konie says:

    WAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR EAGLE!!!!!!! Me and my dad just read your blog. Dad thought that was YOU in the cheerleading picture:)))) He sure thinks you look like your mom!! I CAN NOT WAIT to hear about your "tailgate" party! That is soooo funny! I bet your Mars Hill minister may include a tidbit of your tailgate party/small group(by hearing through the grapevine)in next Sunday's sermon:):) AND the girls are A D O R A B L E !!!!!! p.s. Jenna called and said she and her 2 Auburn friends from L.A.(DROVE from L.A. to be in "the atmosphere…but were able to use our tickets when we decided to come to NC) were some of the VERY FIRST at the stadium…and have been there ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!!!! Another example of our dedication……planned to drive there EVEN WITHOUT TICKETS!! Just to be there!! :)))) You can share that tidbit tonight:)))

  8. Elizabeth says:

    i'm guessing that auburn is a lot like kentucky basketball here. everybody goes nuts. i get it. how do you not know what tailgating food is? lol. is it a southern thing. hope you have fun!

  9. Kendall Boggs says:

    LOve, love, love that pic of your mom. That beautiful long hair flying in her face. Congrats for winning! (ouch that hurt this Alabama fan). The only reason I halfway like Auburn is because your mom went there. I know she and mom were having a blast up in Heaven cheering them on!!! BTW….making her chocolate chip cookies today so they will be on my blog tomorrow. We're still snowed in here at the lake! Wishing you were back south!
    love you sweetie!
    big kendall

  10. Danielle says:

    War Eagle! And even though we are not in Seattle, we do live in a sea of Clemson and South Carolina fans who HATE Auburn!
    And that picture of your mom is beautiful!

  11. Heather says:

    How fun! Love the sweet pictures!

  12. Amy says:

    Hey Abby, this Amy Cook. My husband John and I got a good laugh out of this post. He left work early to be home for kickoff. Though we are Alabama fans we cheered for the Tigers last night!!!

  13. Melissa says:

    War Eagle! Love that picture of your mom! You look just like her.

  14. Lauren says:

    What a great picture, Abby! I didn't realize your mom had been an AU cheerleader. And you look so much like her. War Eagle, Maddox Family! (Also, I am really hoping they make the vintage Aubie sweatshirts for us grown-up girls… adorable.)

  15. Gail says:

    Abby, We managed to watch the game at 7 Hawaii time, meaning…it was mid-night on the East Coast! We didn't watch anything all day so— we could be surprise by it all! What fun, fun, fun!!! I sat, and watched with two, loyal BAMA FANS…However, they, too…were pulling for Auburn! SEC is the Winner!!! I adored the PIC of your Mom. That is how I remember her!!!! Soooo happy they shot the Ducks down!!!! :O) War Eagle!!!

  16. Sheila Hall Merritt says:

    You don't know me, but I worked with your grandparents at the Sheriff's Dept.for a few years & knew your Dad & Mom. Remember when they got married & when you were born (SURPRISE).I don't usually care about football, but did watch the game Mon.night & couldn't help but think about your Mom & her cheerleading days & about the stories your Grandmother Clark told about the Auburn & AL fans watching the game at Thanksgiving at her house.You look so much like your Mom. A beautiful woman.

  17. Jennifer says:

    Abby, Glad to have heard of your blog through you friend Darby’s blog. I have paged through and the posts of your Mom are touching. The scripture of how God gave her free will and how she loved you, but God more. I lost my Mom just 4 months ago and the photo of your Mom stung because I hold onto so many of my Mom whe she was young. What a blessing to have that photo as a memory. Great blog, funny, inspirational, and heartfelt, Glad to “meet” you. I’ll keep following 🙂 ~Jennifer

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