I’m feeling pretty stupid right now. Mrs. Ohs (Jeremiah’s mountain Mama from the year he lived in Montana) gave us a nifty little “flip” video camera a couple of years ago. She said she wanted to be able to see videos of our little girls growing up. GREAT GIFT…technologically illiterate wife. Y’all, we used it and loved it and then the batteries ran out and FOR THE LIFE OF ME I could not figure out how to re-charge it. I got on the “flip” website, and I read the instruction manual, but it did not seem to say anywhere how I could RE-charge the thing. So it’s been sitting on our desk, unused, for a year…until today. When I realized that all it needed was an old-school AA battery change. WHO WOULDA THUNK IT? I mean, doesn’t all technology these days either have to be plugged into a USB drive or a wall charger? Ok, so I’m dumb, and I’ve missed recording and sharing a year’s worth of memories because of it.

Anywho, one night during the Christmas season Jeremiah and I were discussing teaching Pace the song “Santa Baby” for kicks and giggles, when I logged on to my friend Darby’s blog to see that she’d taught her children to recite an entire chapter of LUKE. I felt like a horrible mother. Pace and I can perform an awesome rendition of “Your Hot then Your Cold” by Katy Perry and we were getting ready for the Christmas season with “Santa Baby,” but I’d not helped her memorize any Scripture. So, for Easter, I thought we’d give it a whirl, and y’all it really is ASTOUNDING how easily their little minds soak up what you feed them. I’m glad I figured out how to work my video camera just in time 🙂

And while Mary Aplin is certainly not reciting any verses…I thought you might like to see a little clip or her live and in color. Does anybody remember Animal from the Muppet babies?

5 Responses to “Good Friday to You All!”

  1. Lauren says:

    HAHAHAHA! Too cute – both of them! The minute I turn on the video camera, Sipsey comes straight towards me and tells me to turn it off. At least you got some of Dapples on camera, even if she was an "Animal!" 🙂

  2. Darby says:

    Abby!! I am so proud of sweet Pace, especially coming from her bed. What an angel she is and what POWERFUL words she has learned… and that Dapples… one day she's going to surprise you, just when you least expect it and she's going to rattle off the same thing that Pace said… 🙂

    Missed y'all today… hope that everyone has a healthy and restful weekend!!

  3. Lindsey says:

    maybe when the campout does happen, pace can bring our sunrise message! that was so great! glad the girls are feeling better. and i echo darby, we missed you today!!

  4. Gail says:

    Happy Easter from Hawaii! I hope the– Easter Bunny, hopped– over to your place, too! We had two very excited LIL' boys this early morning. I loved, loved the video of the girls. Paced touched my heart. It's proof..It's never to early to teach them from the…Basic Instrutions Before Leaving Earth, GOOD BOOK! Job well done! Happy Morning to each of you. God is so good!

  5. Konie says:

    Abby…as you can tell I am JUST now catching up on my blogs! This was PRECIOUS!! I think Pace is BRILLIANT…like her dad and mom!!! And Mary Aplin is right behind her :)))

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