While I still have not gotten my computer to work, I did manage to get to Sams and have all my pictures developed/put on a CD. We spent the weekend at the beach with Jeremiah’s parents, my Dad, and my baby sister, Kendall. We had such a good time that I actually cried when we left. Vacations, when our family–including Jeremiah–are all present are so rare. We soaked it up while we could! So as Pace said all weekend, “Happy Futhajuly!”

(I am not sure why they are so grainy looking…sorry, but I tried. I am hoping its just my computer.)

The girls in their red and blue…I wish you could see Pace’s blue and red sandals that matched. Latte (my Aunt Alice) gave Pace her outfit and Bebe and Grandmama made Mary Aplin’s dress for Pace 2 summers ago.

Take a look at my new teefers! (There you go Taylor :))

Somebody was H A P P Y to be at the beach!

Moogie (Jeremiah’s Mom)

Popon (Jeremiah’s Dad)

Papa (my Dad)

One more of Mapple Dapples in her outfit with those teefers 🙂

Keke (my sister Kendall). You don’t get much sweeter than that…

6 Responses to “Happy 4th on the 16th!”

  1. Denise says:

    I love those pictures….and those teeth are adorable!

  2. Taylor says:

    hey abby!
    thanks for the teeth shot! Man she is growing up and hopefully those teeth will keep rolling in!
    Love you and I hate I missed the 4th of july beach trip!-look like this year that “i gotta rock!”- ha ha do you remember that or were you up and grown by the time we started saying that?
    love you

  3. Kendall Boggs says:

    Hey Abbs!
    LOVE the crab dress!!!!…and the teeth! Okay, I so now have to be Keke! (grandmother!). I asked Taylor what she liked best, Keke or Sissy and she said Keke. ( I didn’t know that was little K’s name too! so now I have to be Big Keke…! Darling photos! Loves and hugs…
    Big K

  4. andi says:

    I am so glad that you all had fun at the beach! I love family vacations!!!!!! The girls are adorable.

  5. Rachel says:

    Oh my gosh!! The girls are so adorable! It is amazing how much Mary Aplin has grown since the last time I saw her. Would you send me your email address? Mine is Rachelsollie@gmail.com. Love you!

  6. andi says:

    Hey girl…just wanted to let you know that I have passed on an award to you. 🙂 Just come to my blog and you can just copy and paste it.

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