I say I can’t find it, but I WILL NOT say it is lost. I know precisely the last pictures I took with it (Thursday afternoon), and I know I layed it right down on the dining room table…The problem with that is, Napoleon now can reach the top of the table. It has become a new favorite game–standing on her tiptoes and grabbing wildly on top of the table to see what comes down. I was hoping this wasn’t the fate of our camera. I was hoping I had just haphazardly cleared off the table into some little nook. However, I knew the prognosis was bad later that night when I asked Pace if she had seen the camera and I got this response: “Well, Mommy, Mary Aplin had it…ummm…I think she put it in your purse. [She starts frantically going through my purse for me to no avail] Don’t worry Mommy, I’ll find it. Dapples had it…”

She came up empty handed. Mary Aplin is still mainly just grunting, so we’re not getting any answers out of her [which I think she enjoys a BIT more than she should]. You should know that my BIL lost his driver’s license at our house one time, and do you know where it turned up several weeks later. IN A CUP IN MY FORMAL CHINA CABINET. In my quest, I have managed to recover a dollar bill from a flower arrangement and a coaster from the mail slot. At least she’s creative 🙂 I’ll keep searching, and hope to be back soon with my saved up posts. In the meantime, I’ve managed to miss five little girls piled in Pace’s bed together and the same five little sweeties having an ever-so-girley tea party. UGHH! DAPPLES!!

2 Responses to “HELP, I Can’t Find My Camera!”

  1. Melissa says:

    Good luck! Let us know where you find it. Maybe that will give us ideas on where to look for the remote control that Luke "hid" last week at my mom's house! She's turned the house upside down looking for it!

  2. andi says:

    I am laughing about Napoleon's hiding techniques! I love it! I am praying that you find that camera!!!! 🙂

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