This morning I was calling around to some Mother’s Morning Out programs to see if I might find a place for Jay Paul to go a couple mornings a week (starting after Christmas).  I’m not sure why this sent me into an emotional tail spin, but it did.  I got so sad about my little man growing up.  And sometimes, although I can’t explain why, there’s no greater solace to a sad heart, than making words rhyme :).  So, while I am truly a bad poet, I wrote a poem anyway.  And now I am feeling ever so much better.

Whitney, I can actually hear you laughing now, telling me this is too dramatic and that I am shaping up to be the scariest mother-in-law in the history of the world.  But here it is anyway 🙂


Every single great man,
Was once a mother’s baby boy.
All that strength she held within her arms,
Would soon stand firmly on the floor.

She watched his fingers fumble,
To grasp the toy and hold tight.
Now she watches with pride and wonder,
His pen weaving wrong to right.

He drew his breath and squealed,
For the delight of a single ball.
And she holds her breath with fear,
As he sprouts wings above them all.

Two steps up he’d crawl,
Then rest, smile back for her.
No backwards glance now needed,
As he summits round every turn.

She counted piggies in the market,
And played peek-a-boo with his soles.
Now those feet march towards justice,
And she knows not where they go.

Her kisses, how they melted!
On his head and soft, pink cheeks.
But the need and count grow fewer,
As his face forms lines and peaks.

She was thankful for the baby boy,
God entrusted to her care.
And found it a privilege to love him,
To hold his hand and drive out fear.

But all the while she knew it coming,
Her great triumph and pending doom.
That this child would outgrow her,
And become a man too soon.


10 Responses to “He’s Going to Outgrow Me”

  1. Wow, as a mom to a little boy, this just made me swoon. So beautiful and so true for so many of us. Thanks for sharing.

  2. lindsey says:

    beautiful friend. i did laugh out loud thinking about you being the scariest mother-in-law in the world:).

  3. margaret says:

    That is beautiful. As a mama to my own precious, precious son, I could feel every word you wrote. And now I’m wiping tears. So sweet.

  4. natalie says:

    seriously abby???? SERIOUSLY? you HAD to write this didnt you…. 🙂 ill have you know i too am seriously lamenting my youngest baby’s rapid growth. he is so close to walking and, while i loved it with my older two, i honestly want him to remain dependent on me FOR LIFE. 😉 one day we can shoo away their female suitors together my dear. shoo them with a BROOM!

  5. Ashley Gaskin says:

    So beautiful! Made me cry thinking of my little man at 4 months growing too fast.

  6. joy says:

    I just wrote a post about my baby boy growing up too. Not as beautifully as your poem expresses it, though!
    I love every word. thanks for sharing

  7. Taylor says:

    I can attest to this little ones strength early on – He certainly is a strong little nugget slapping around on things and people – No no no 🙂 I also agree you will probably be a very scary monster in law!
    Glad i got to see the little ones dedication in person! Much love – sis 2

  8. Caroline Blair says:

    Abby! I just found this gem of a poem and want it for my own as well. What type of mother in law will i be one day?! I sure hope to not hold on too tightly but afraid of the inevitable. It is something about a baby boy

  9. Candace Echols says:

    I love love love your blog. I get such encouragement from it. My kids are similar ages to yours and I find my attitude toward the day-in day-out (i.e. laundry, dishes, etc.) improving after reading your blog because it reminds me I get to do all of that for them and ultimately for the glory of the Lord. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Lauren Justiss says:

    So very true how a mother adores her son… They are our babies and oh how they love their mommies…

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