I just spent the past three days at the beach, with my sisters, WITHOUT EITHER of my girls. This was my first time spending the night away from Mary Aplin. The first time in 9 1/2 months, that I haven’t woken up to the sound of baby noises. The first time I haven’t welcomed the start of a new day by changing a poopy diaper and making a bottle/nursing. It was simply glorious.

This was also the first time, since my senior year of high school, that I have taken a trip with all of my sisters and without my parents. There is something so special about a sister. A friend who not only understands but has lived your childhood. A girl you can relate to so well, that you not only know her thoughts, but understand why she has them. A person who makes you feel 100% comfortable wearing simply your own skin. Finally, they are co-sufferers in the hardest battle you’ve ever had to fight… When you add that kind of company to a setting filled with white sand, ocean waves, excellent food, and a serene little nook all your own on the beach, well, it was just spectacular!

The first day, I could barely breathe, my chest was so swollen with the airy happiness of freedom. I just kept saying, “Y’all, I can just sit here, as long as I want too, and I am not responsible for ANYTHING!” I stayed up until at least 1 AM every night, talking and laughing. I slept until 9:30 (one morning actually 10:30!), and read 2 whole books. I ate sushi for breakfast, because I was craving it and their was a Publix right across the street. I had a Margarita on the beach at sunset, and ate three course meals two nights in a row.

The second day, I did start to miss my little chicken wings and feel a twang of guilt that they weren’t getting to enjoy the ocean with me. When I went running, I missed my husband and his good looking body running on ahead of me. I’ve decided that once you become a wife and parent, no vacations can ever be quite the same. If you are on a family trip, then you’re still responsible for all the duties of home. If you leave them behind, then you miss them. However, three days wasn’t TOO long, and more than anything, I had a blast! I hope you aren’t too jealous 🙂

11 Responses to “I Am Afraid You are Going to Be Jealous”

  1. erika says:

    I am very jealous.
    I live here and I don’t enjoy it like I should.
    So glad you had fun! You deserve it!!!!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I’m interested to know what two books you read!!

  3. Heather H says:

    I’m jealous.

    I’d love to be with my 2 sisters w/out our kiddos …. I know my 1 sister w/out kids would LOVE it just as much as me!!!!

    You deserve it!

  4. meredith says:

    We are heading down tomorrow and I can’t wait! I love the beach and we have not been but once this whole summer! By chance were you staying at Carillon Beach? We have a place there 😉


  5. andi says:

    Oh Yippee! I knew you would have a BLAST! Wish I had a sister. Brad doesn’t dig hanging out with me at the beach or stay up talking new fall colors with me?! What’s up with that? LOL Love him dearly, just not the same as a sister. Love the picture!

  6. Laura Martin says:

    Abby I just got back from the beach myself, but with my daughter, one of her friends and her mom. We also had a blast, but I did miss the men in my family. I couldn’t wait to get away and then I couldn’t wait get home! I am glad you enjoy your sisters, family is so very important! I remember the days of having those baby responsibilites, enjoy them too, they don’t last long!!!

  7. Jessica says:

    WOW!!! I am only 7 weeks in and I am jealous!! I was actually about to blog about “my time.” Read up!! Miss yoU!

  8. Kellie Patton says:

    Sounds like a great time Abby. My husband is leaving this morning to go the beach with some of his friends — I told him all 3 children would love it if he wanted to take them! He passed – can you believe it? I have never had a vacation like that since having children – what a dream! My sister is coming to stay with me this weekend while Will is gone- i figure that’s good long-term birth control for her! Would love to see more pictures!

  9. becky says:

    first i’m jealous because you have sisters! next…the beach?? we had to miss our week long trip this year…but it was worth it because we had our baby girl! but oooooh to dig my toes in the sand. but you do so much with and for your family, you deserved it totally!!

  10. Jenny says:

    Abby!! that sounds like such a great trip! I am so happy that you had a wonderful time. You deserve it!
    Also, if you are still in Dothan, would you mind checking with your grandmother…she said if she finished those curtains, she was going to send them back with you.


  11. Mitzi says:

    Sounds wonderful. We LOVE the beach place. I pictured all 4 of you having a special time in the place your mom loved. You know, she was in the middle of you all.

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