Why do I hate myself? Because I feel like I’ve sounded like a spoiled brat to a sweet girl whose home-literally-is the Pine Lake Motel. She really says it best in her blog: http://www.pinelakemotel.blogspot.com
I want to genuinely apologize for belittling something that is rare in this country–a hardworking American family, taking pride in what God has entrusted them with. I am really sorry, I just never thought about the fact that it belonged to somebody. What nobody has said on either blog, is that the Pinelake has undergone a renovation since those pictures I posted on my blog. They painted the brick and added trusses made of thick dark wood. It truly looks good, but I didn’t add that in my first blog (because it seemed funnier not to clarify).

Second, about the whole Altar Call “debate” going on in the comments: I was not trying to put up an argument for or against having altar calls in church service. I, honestly, don’t know where I stand on that issue. I think a little brotherly Christian discussion is good, as long as we all know that it’s not what matters at the end of the day. Spar on if you need to, but just keep it nice (like you have…I think). I actually had somebody walk up to me and, laughingly say, “Well you USED to be Baptist.”

Whew! My first controversy and it all happened in the same day. I guess when you put “stuff” out there, you have to be willing to take what comes back to you 🙂

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  1. Darby Stickler says:

    Abby, Are you sure that blog is legit? Anyway, you can’t sweat it… we all know you are genuine and kind and if you’re a snob we are all snobs too… especially me for suggesting that you don’t touch the comforter. As for the altar calls…. I hope that you will never apologize for your feelings (I don’t think you did– so way to go!). I wrote a blog post a couple weeks ago about the most terrible book I’ve ever read. It just so happened to be a Christian fiction…. boy, I ’bout got ripped to pieces over that one. I said it was pathetic and on and on… I got railed by some “anyonomous” commentors. You’ll notice I did this same thing… came back and apologized…. however, I only apologized for being strong in my words…. not for not liking the book. I still think it was terrible. Anyway, you’re entitled to your OWN opinion and that’s what’s so fun about a blog!! I love to hear what you say and again, I think you say what everyone feels but doesn’t have the talent to put it in writing! Keep it up and sit back and watch the “comments”. You have sparked an interest in others and it’s fun to see!

  2. Ashley says:

    I echo Darby – you ought to see some of the “opinions” we’ve gotten on our blog! There have been some strong debates (but thought-provoking)! Anyway, you do an excellent job at writing – so creative! I hope you didn’t mind me commenting – sometimes I regret putting myself out there after I’ve done it. Oh, well! Keep posting!

  3. Pine Lake Motel Baby says:

    One of my friends lives in Dothan and she reads your blog, not sure how she started reading it, but she is the one that told me about it. And for the lady that wondered if you were sure that the blog is legit you can assure her that it is. All she has to do is visit the motel and she will find that everything I have written is true. Thank you so much for you sweet apology and I understand that your blog was mainly ment to be entertaining and I don’t mind that I just wanted everyone to know the real story too.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Abby, You have such a kind, loving heart. Don’t worry one second and just keep on writing! I think you have such insight concerning everyday things. Most people would adore, too, having such a gift. Remember, dear…this gift comes from God! Keep up the great work! I give him thanks for your…sweet life! A True Fan

  5. Robin says:

    Life is full of forgive and forget’s..Just forgive yourself, because HE has forgiven you..I love and can’t wait to read your new next post. Loving you as always..Mrs. Robin

  6. Tegan says:

    Abby, i have gotten the biggest kick reading the comments on your last two posts!!! Did you ever think that your blog would cause such a stir!! I do however think, like you said, that spuring people on in brotherly Christian love is a great thing! Looks like that is happening in the comment section of your blog…hehe! It causes “the body of believers” to examine their walk with Christ and seek what the Bible says about these issues! Yes important, but as you said, at the end of the day it’s not what’s most important. I think it’s awesome that people like Justin and others, show so much passion about their faith and want others to do the same!!!! Also, the lady who grew up at the Pine Lake lodge was very sweet to leave you a nice comment. You are precious and she knows you meant no harm. You are so humble to post an apology on your blog for her…i know that meant a lot to her! You keep writing and I promise people will keep reading!

  7. Cynthia says:

    Abby,you are such a sweet loving person. I too have passed the Pine Lake Motel and wondered what it would be like to stay there, only you took the steps to try it out. Who knows, you may have sparked enough interest in others to try it out. Never apologized for you feelings.Thanks for sharing your family with others.Keep posting, you are awesome!

  8. Dana says:

    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. (I found it through our mutual friend Stephanie and realized that we met when I volunteered at the tour of homes last year.)
    Please know that your humility and perspective as a child of God has really encouraged me in my walk. Thank you for your honesty and candor in sharing your thoughts and experiences.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Abby, I started reading your blog from the time you told about the candlelight vigil for your mom. I have read your past blogs and I am your new fan! You express your feelings so well & I relate so much to what you say. The one telling about how your mom had her ways of getting her point across about not keeping your house clean & how the good of your mom far out weighed those “annoying” comments -what daughter could not relate? The alter call blog – well I have numerous times done the believers prayer. It reconfirms my commitment & it is a great reminder of the commitment I made to accept Jesus as my Lord & Saviour & another opportunity to thank Him. You do not know me, but it broke my heart to read “I hate Myself” for the motel comments. You made a scary rumor turn into something positive! I feel the owners know about the “spooky” reputation that developed & this gave the lady, the daughter of the owner, the opportunity to clear up the matter. Your amusing story about ya’lls stay opened that door from your family’s positive experience. You meant no harm & it is obvious you would never intentionally hurt a soul. Please continue your blog & you have a true gift of writing! My husband is an SAE & attended Auburn w/ your dad. I attended Auburn & will always remember your mom as the coolest AU cheerleader w/ the beautiful waist lenght hair. I was amazed that she could cheer so hard & her hair would always fall back perfectly into place. You are dealing w/ so many feelings & emotions from the loss of your mom & blogging has to be great therapy. Be easy on yourself. Your blog is a blessing for me to read. Your love for the Lord is genuine & I admire you being true to yourself. One deception, to nonbelievers (& some believers), is that a Christian lives a bouncy happy life & that life is always great! Life is not always great & we as Christians have to sometimes take that difficult journey to realize that the true joy of life is our relationship w/ Jesus. He guides us through those tough times & He most of all knows our pain. Part of our growth w/ Him is walking blindly in faith, through tears & fear, & realizing His power through the process. Sometimes it’s hard to accept but thankfully His will prevails. Look forward to your next blog & you & your loved ones are in my prayers. We have 3 children & I love the feelings you express for your girls. Children bring out feelings we never knew existed. Thank you for sharing your heart & bringing comfort & joy to mine.

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