I wish we could have a “Snow Day.”

The kind where you have to crawl out a window, because your door has too much snow piled up in front of it.
The kind where Jeremiah cannot POSSIBLY get to the hospital and “has” to stay home with us all day, building roaring fires, holding big bowls of hot soup in our hands, as we gaze out at the crisp white landscape.

The kind where we have to stay huddled together under blankets for warmth…and read by candlelight and watch the snow fall softly.The kind where children make huge snowballs……and throw them at each other.

The kind that is just that magnificent for one whole day but then disappears the next morning.

P.S. I did happen to turn on the news yesterday morning (for the first time in about a month :)) and saw that a large part of our country is having dangerous amounts of snow. I know some of you are thinking that that much snow sounds about as much fun as a hurricane. I hope you don’t think I’m being insensitive…I just think it could be fun…for just one day.

5 Responses to “I Love Being From the Deep South, BUT”

  1. Gail says:

    Your idea of just one day…GREAT ONE! I have to agree that one day of dong nothing and watching it slowly come down— is wonderful! I like living in VA. for just that reason. It truly is a grand picture to awake to. I am not for that long term stuff…Been there…done that, and it's soooo not fun! It's very chilly in Atlanta this morning and we are enjoying the fresh air smells!

  2. bama says:

    I grew up in Alabama and moved to Minneapolis 4 years ago. I am in that part of the country that has gotten lots of snow. I LOVE looking out my window and seeing the ground covered in pure, white snow and watching the beautiful, big flakes coming down. I DON'T love the snow covered roads and the other drivers on those snow covered roads. For me, though, the pureness and beauty of the landscape far outweighs the treacherous driving.

    On another note, I will introduce myself to you, Abby, since I've never commented before. I was friends with Jeremiah at Samford. I actually met you on Bid Night when Alex went through, but it was very brief and there's no way you'd remember (I have the memory of an elephant). I initially came across your blog through another blog and thoroughly enjoy reading your thoughts and your heart. I wish your family much joy and many blessings! Stephanie Gilbert

  3. lishy loo says:

    Hi Abby. My name is Alisha. I came across your blog, and decided to follow it as well : ). I work with your husband in surgery. I am one of the techs at the Highlands. You should be proud of him- he's a good doctor!

    ANYWHO…… It's funny that you mention wanting a snow day. I was discussing it with people at work yesterday morning. I'm originally from Michigan and we had many snow days. I surely miss the snow for Christmas, and that's about it! As bama said, I don't miss the snow covered roads! Especially when the snow is a foot deep!

  4. Natalie McGough says:

    Come and visit us then: )! We have lots of snow and I think we're supposed to get more soon. The only bad thing is that ours doesn't go away in a day, in fact it lasts until the beginning of summer when we crave sunshine and flowers and green grass: ). Come see us if you want some SNOW: )!! Hope y'all are doing good. Miss ya.

  5. Konie says:

    Heard from your dad that you and the little girls have been sick. Missing your blog and hoping you are feeling better….especially since a special few days are ahead of you:)))) Blessings to you and all your family as well as your sisters…..for 2010.
    ms. Konie

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