I did not find out about the “Cookie Club” at grocery stores until after Mary Aplin was born. I am guessing you all know, but just in case you don’t, at Publix, Walmart, and Sams (maybe others but these are the ones we frequent) you can walk up to the bakery and ask for a “kid’s cookie” for however many youngins you are totin‘ in the buggy, and they’ll give it to them. Glory of glories! Now, at first I thought this was the coolest thing since sliced bread–a way to distract my girls while I filled my cart–but after some experience with the cookie club, I’ve also found that it is a pretty good marketing strategy. Pace may GET a sugar cookie with colorful sprinkles but what she’s BEGGING for are the big doozies (I don’t know if that’s a universal name, but that is what I’ve always called the cookie sandwich that has icing oozing out of the center) staring at her through the glass case. She just can’t understand why they never hand her one of those. And honestly, I can’t say that I blame her, because I’ve started craving them myself…knowing that I can never break down and buy one unless I plan on appeasing her from here on out. So, I decided to make them. Even dip half in chocolate like they do at Publix. It was simple and oh so delicious, and I just wanted to pass the idea along in case any of you other Moms are suffering from the cookie club marketing plan. It seems kinda silly to spell it all out, but here goes:

You’ll need: Mini Chocolate chip cookies from the fridge section–always slightly undercooked. A tub of white icing, and Candiquick microwaveable chocolate tray (if you’re like me and bought too many of these at V-Day for your marshmallows, then you’re in business).

I think the rest is self-explanatory, but a couple words of advice on the icing. A) Don’t get over-excited and try to ice the cookies while they are still hot, ’cause the icing will melt everywhere. B) Remember the joy of Double-stuff Oreos and don’t skimp on the icing. Keep in mind this technically has to be enough icing for TWO cookies.

While I’m at it, I think I’ll tell you about the other half of the lunch that I made to go with these cookies on Saturday. I have a sandwich that I’ve been perfecting, and I think I may just have it down (unfortunately I did not get it all figured out before my guests came on Saturday, but such is life). It’s a roll-up, so here’s what you’ll need:

One packet of ranch seasoning
8oz. cream cheese
1/2 small container of sour cream
One package of flour tortillas
Thin deli-sliced turkey and ham
Thin deli-sliced provolone cheese
Shredded lettuce
Guacamole (Recipe to follow)

Mix first three ingredients together and use as a spread. Layer turkey and ham, then spread ranch mix across top of meat and cover with cheese. Place sandwich under broiler to warm (which also melts the cheese and ranch mixture together to form something fabulous). Cover with lots of lettuce (so it will taste like you’re eating a yummy salad instead of a fattening sandwich) and then dob large amounts of guacamole down the center. Roll, cut in half, and serve.
Now the guacamole. I’m just going to be honest, I LOVE my guacamole. I have been perfecting it much longer than the roll-up (for a while I was just putting sliced avocado and tomato on the sandwich–such a mistake!), but it really is an individual art. What I crave in my guac may be quite different from what you crave, but here’s what I do.

5 or 6 ripe avocados (Not the big giant ones, the normal size ones. And they need to squish a bit to your touch when you pick them out at the grocery store. If they are hard, you will be sorely disappointed. But don’t go buying rottenly soft ones either. I would also recommend–I am so thrifty–calling your local grocers to find out what the price is that day. These boogers are expensive and this weekend they were “on sale” at Publix 2/$3 and on sale at Walmart for $0.78 That was a difference in me spending $12 and $6, and that is a whole fun meal at McDonalds!)
3 or 4 Roma tomatoes
1/2 of a yellow onion
3 limes
1 handful of fresh cilantro (stems and all. I love this stuff, but Jeremiah says it tastes like dishwashing liquid if I use too much, so be warned.)
3 or 4 heaping tablespoons of diced (pickled) jalapenos
Salt and Pepper to taste

In a food processor, combine the onion, cilantro and the juice of one lime–puree (I like the taste of onion, but I HATE a big chunk of raw onion in my mouth in a dip. That is why we food process.) Peel and take the seed out of your avocados, placing the “meat” in a big bowl. Dump the onion mixture into the avocados and mash (I use a potato masher.) Don’t over-mash because you want to leave chunks of avocado in your dip to be sure that everyone realizes it is homemade 🙂 Chop the tomatoes and spoon in, along with the juice from your other two limes, the jalapenos, and the salt and pepper. It is DELICIOUS and fresh and beautiful with its bright reds and greens. Be sure to serve it as an appetizer with chips before your divvy out the roll-ups 🙂

9 Responses to “If Publix Can Do It…”

  1. Lauren says:

    Do they give free cookies at FoodSmart? 🙂

  2. The Allen Family says:

    abby, i checked out your blog from mal’s, and i just have to say a few things… first, how in the world do you cook these wonderful cookies, candies, homemade dips (etc); read books, do all kinds of projects with your kids, take care of them, always manage to look great, have a quiet time, blog, etc. etc.? i am calling you super mom!!!

    you are such an amazing person (not just because you are super mom) but i love your authenticity and humbleness (is that even a word?) anyways, thanks for sharing your heart- it truly does give encouragement to those of us feeling much the same way, but can’t express ourselves in words the way you can… yet another amazing attribute i left off the earlier list 🙂

    anyways, i just wanted to say i think you are amazing and i enjoy reading your blog… i’m either laughing, crying, or getting some much needed tips so THANKS!!!

  3. aedozier says:

    OH MY WORD, you just made my day! I can’t wait to try all of the recipes!!!! Delicious!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lindsay says:

    Ummm I am coming Bham JUST to indulge in all your wonderful recipes… no seriously;)

  5. Ashly says:

    Thanks Abby! I love the cookie idea. I rarely comment-but I’m so glad Natalie showed me your blog awhile ago. I’ve been a blurker. I prayed for your mom many nights! Your babies are so beautiful:)

  6. Ashleigh Thompson says:

    LOVE, LOVE new recipes and I’m always trying to think of a new easy kid friendly dessert to serve with supper swap. Can’t wait to make these!!

  7. Darby says:

    YUM!!! It all sounds so very good I can’t take it. I too process {in the mini-chopper} onions until they’re teeny tiny … I like the taste not the texture so I’m with you on that one!!!

  8. andi says:

    OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH yummmmy!!! I am pumped about the recipes!!! Can’t wait to try them!

  9. Anna says:

    yum- will you come over to my house and make all of this??! haha I’m hungry, but the thought of cooking right now grosses me out!

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