And we’re getting ready. Yep, that’s right V-Day!!! For those who don’t know me or are new to this blog, I LOVE Valentine’s day. Like besides Christmas it is my favorite holiday kind of love it. I am not going to go into raptures about it today (I’ll save that for later :)), but I did want to show you that the preparations have begun. You see our shirts…courtesy of Mimi (my Dad’s mom) via Old Navy. Mine is an XL from the kids department, and oh so worth it.

Besides our cheesy coordination, we have also started what I hope is going to be a new tradition–decorating a Valentine’s tree. I read about it in Victoria (my favorite magazine BTW), and thought it would be something fun to try with the girls. Natalie came over to play and help us get started cutting and decorating our heart ornaments. We picked a branch from the yard. I spray painted a pot. Hopefully, I’ll have the results to show you in a couple of days. Unfortunately we are in a glue/paint drying stage right now.

We wrapped up the afternoon with a little park time with the Prince. It is GORGEOUS here today…Finally. Pace did some tree climbing.

Dapples did some goofing around.

All around it has been a wonderful day with the V-Day goblins, and not one bed has been made. Definite evidence of a good time

6 Responses to “IT’S Coming…”

  1. Kellie Patton says:

    I am LOVING this warm weather around here! Can’t wait to see what the V-day girls do this year!

  2. Farris says:

    I’m so excited to hear what the Valentine’s Ghost has in store! Knowing you’ll have a great story makes me happy 🙂

  3. Lindsay says:

    Ohhh She strikes again…….Hope some Twine ends up on that tree!!!

  4. Ashley says:

    LOVE the matching shirts!! (Way to go Mimi!!) So glad that the Prince and Pace got to have some fun outside 🙂 Cant wait until the Valentines Day post!!

  5. Heather says:

    Abby! I’m with you on the Valentines thing. I used to think it was over-rated until I had kids. It’s so my favorite holiday now!! There’s no pressure, no great expectations,no mall rush and no exhaustion from staying up late playing Santa!! I love spending time with the kids baking fun desserts and making crafts. Even now there are trails of paper hearts strung all over the house….anyway. I am looking forward to seeing your ideas and the fun stories that will come from them 🙂

    I am so inspired each time I read your posts to be a better mom. Thank you for being real…its so very refreshing. Thank you also for the sweet comment you left. What a blessing it is to share the common language of prayer. I too was praying for you and your family as you were sending your mom “home”. I can remember exactly where I was -in walmart no doubt-when Tegan called to tell me she’d passed away. I still hold the beautiful picture in my heart of all the Christmas carolers singing outside your house….God truly is creative with the ways He comforts us. I couldn’t help but visualize Zeph.3:17. I am so thankful we can share burdens and rejoice in answered prayers in the body of Christ. Thanks for praying for us Abby!

    Oh-and I loved what you said about the un-made beds!!! how true…how very true 🙂 Take care!

  6. Kendall Boggs says:

    How are those V-Day plans coming????

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