A New Page in a Sweet Family

Bryan, Ashley, Noah, and Gavin were our neighbors in Birmingham, and Ashley and I went through our first two pregnancies at the same time (delivering Pace one month before Noah, and Mary Aplin 2 1/2 months before Gavin).  Any woman who has gone through a pregnancy knows what a bonding experience this can be (especially when you add that our other dear friend/neighbor Lauren was also pregnant with Natalie and Georgia at these same times…there was something in the water over there :)).  We wrestled through the confusions of motherhood together and started our sweet book club (or “literary society” as we liked to call it :)) in the midst of all.  All those times wear a rosey hue for me–such growth and change and happiness–all shared together.

Recently, Ashley and I have shared a third expectancy, but this time in a new way.  While I’ve been going through the rigors of the first trimester, she has been going through the end pains of a long adoption process.  This past week, our family had the honor of first welcoming Bryan and the boys back from China, and then, a few days later, Ashley and their new little girl–Finley.

Our time with the boys was full of the life you would expect with four fast little friends, eager to soak up every second of their time together.



Mary Aplin could not quite catch hold of the idea that you can't put your hands on the soccer ball.


What a cutey pa-tootey little Gavin is. Although he was wondering why he had been on a plane all night long, and I refused to put him in a bed.


Can you tell Pace had Noah right where she wanted him? 🙂


Sometimes I think Mary Aplin has been watching America's Next Top Model behind my back.


And Pace has been watching The Bachelorette...


Maybe these guys have been watching Grey's Anatomy. Jeremiah chilling in his scrubs, doing boy things on the porch with Bryan.


And John David.

Our time with Ashley and Finley felt a little more like a sacred rite.

As I picked them up from the airport, I realized that I was meeting this little girl only minutes after she had become an American citizen.  What an honor??!!

I was grateful for the easy conversation and old home feel that Ashley brought.

But meeting their new little wonder was…a wonder.


It wasn't quite so wondrous to the little girls. They simply loved making their new buddy laugh.


Thank you Bryan, Ashley, Noah, Gavin, and Finley, for being such special friends in our life and for letting us be a small part of this monumental event.

P.S. Bryan is a photographer–like an amazing one.  Remember the last time we were home, I told you he took some pictures of the girls?  I never showed you the end results that came in the mail…here’s a peek.


The packaging itself was pretty exciting!




4 Responses to “A New Page in a Sweet Family”

  1. Sarah says:

    amazing pics! love the tv comparisons haha IF the guys were hitting golf balls off the roof it would be dead on for greys! i really hate they do that on the show tho. i wonder how many ppl copy it and break things or hurt someone. hmm? =)

  2. Molly says:

    What an amazing experience you got to share with your sweet friends! Finley is beautiful. And the pictures of your girls are lovely as well!

  3. Konie says:

    Sweet post:)) LOVE the bachelorette and America’s Top Model pics:) oh yea….and Grey’s Anatomy too:) …..AND the the friendship pic of you and Ashley. But looking at Finley gave me the goose bumps! How special!!! I experienced a touching moment looking at Ashley and Finley. Can’t even imagine your own feelings in the presence of the new one …..with the first entrance into America. WOW!!! XOXOXOXOXO
    p.s. of course the pics Bryan did of Pace and Mary Aplin are
    A D O R A B L E :))

  4. Sarah Brown says:

    i know you are busy and preggers and have kids, but that doesnt mean you can just desert your readers =) where u be????

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