I know I’ve been horribly absent, and I hope you’ll forgive me. I’ll have you know that I did not wrap a present until Christmas Day (while all the rest of my extended family was singing Christmas carols after filling themselves to the top with a brunch MUCH too big), but I did finish making a scaled-down version of my homemade gifts for all the ladies in my family. My sister Kendall deserves a post all her own, because she came to Birmingham and literally saved me from my Christmas distress. Partly by just being there with me and partly by doing a LONG list of very mundane jobs and taking care of my children. Thank you Keke!!!! you’re a miracle to me 🙂

We had a savory Christmas…and a puky New Year 🙂 Jeremiah has been off this week, and we’ve been in Dothan WITH THE STOMACH VIRUS. All of us, one by one, have been dreadfully afflicted. I don’t have my computer or my camera and I’m currently missing my sister’s bachelorette party :((((((( I woke up this morning feeling frisky for the first time in, what seemed like, ages. So, the soonest I’ll be back with any sort of real post will be Monday. Miss yall! Happy happy New Year!

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  1. ~mott says:

    So sorry to hear y'all have been sick! That really sucks during the holidays but especially since Jeremiah had the week off. Well, just rest up and get better so you can start enjoying 2010! Happy New Year to you and yours! Mott (I'm also your dad's neighbor)

  2. andi says:

    So sorry to hear you all have been sick. 🙁 Would love to see what you made for Christmas!

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