Sorry for the long absence last week. Our internet was down, and I was forced to abandon all things web-related–IT WAS AWESOME! (I have no idea why these words are underlined but I can’t make it stop.) I read a book in its entirety in my “spare” moments, instead of stalking a lot of other people’s lives and documenting our own. I’m not saying I wasn’t having withdrawals, but it was oddly freeing.

On to today. This past weekend Mary Aplin went to Dothan with Moogie and Popon while Pace stayed here in Birmingham with Jeremiah and me. I’ve always thought that it would be good for kids to have one-on-one time with their parents and grand-parents, but it’s a hard concept to put into practice. When the grandparents offer to take the kids for the weekend it’s hard to say, “No, no. Just take one and we’ll keep the other.” (That way neither one of us will have a kid-free weekend :), YAY!). This time though, Pace had a birthday party that she really wanted to stay in town for, and Mary Aplin was (like always) rarin’ for adventure.

Y’all, it turned out to be such a sweet thing! To have Pace, all to ourselves was so fun. It was like I could see her blossoming under the undivided attention, and it was easier to be her friend instead of her just her Mom. On Saturday, I gave her the day. We got dressed up (and she picked out my dress to match hers :)), and I even let her wear a little lipstick and blush–since it was a girley day.

I learned some things over the course of the day, that I’d like to share:

1) I need to start reading more advanced books to Pace instead of always reading to the girls together.

One of the stops on our day was the library, where Pace wanted check out every scientific book on dinosaurs. Dinosaurs! What? Who knew? I was skeptical as she asked, “Aren’t there dinosaurs who eat insects? I want a book about those.” or “This one with the Tyranosaurus Rex looks scary; I want it!” But she listened intently as I read each detailed book. I’ve been way under-estimating her little mind…and being lazy because it’s a lot easier to read a princess book that both she AND Dapples can understand. So, apparently, my girley-girl is in to dinosaurs.

2) My child had no concept of limited resources, and she NEEDS to learn.

I took Pace shopping at Old Navy, because I realized I’d never taken her shopping before. As in, let her pick out clothes she likes, try them on, and then buy a couple of them. COUPLE being the key word. She had zero problem having an opinion and style all her own (my dinosaur lover refused to try on anything but dresses and skirts…and swimsuits and shoes and shoes AND SHOES). As I staggered into the dressing room with the large load of her selections, she insisted that she loved each thing she tried on.

Me: Ok Pace, you have to pick. You can either have this swimsuit or this one.
Pace: But I like them both. I want them both.
Me: I am so glad you like them both but they cost money and we don’t have enough money to buy both. You have to pick one.
Pace: But Mom, I love them BOTH.

I could not stop laughing. I’ve been wondering why my child acts like a brat at Christmas, ripping from one present to the next. IT’S BECAUSE SHE THINKS EVERYTHING SHE LIKES IS HERS!

At the end of the shopping extravaganza (which, while confused at this new concept of limits, I must say she never pitched a fit or really even whined), I explained that this is the reason Daddy works so hard. To make money, so that we can have clothes to wear and food to eat. She asked for the phone from the backseat, to call Jeremiah. And yall, it was the sweetest little conversation of thanks I’ve ever heard.

3) It is not ok to take your 4-year-old to a PG-13 comedy at the movie theatre.

Pace wanted to go on a real date (with Jeremiah and me) on Saturday night. I rented her a movie at the library and was planning leftovers and home-movie night, but she asked so sweetly to go to the real movies (and let’s be honest, I understood her pain–since there are very few things I like more than buttered popcorn and diet coke at the movie theatre) that we caved. We were treating her for this one day after all.

However, we could not bring ourselves to fork over the large amounts of cash that it requires to see a movie as a family for something we didn’t really want to see (like a cartoon about dragons). So we took our 4 year old to see Date Night with Tina Fey and Steve Carell. Let me say first that it was stinkin’ hilarious, and Jeremiah and I are still quoting some of the lines from the movie to each other, but there was a STRIP CLUB SCENE at the end of the movie. Nnns-K?! I tried to distract her by talking to her. Jeremiah tried covering her eyes, but the fact was she saw it. It was PG-13, so it wasn’t like it was that bad, but still…the dance moves.

And just as the scene closed on the stripper-pole, Pace whispered to me with urgency, “Mom, I’ve GOT to go to the potty!” Please God no. Please don’t make me parade from the back of the theatre and across the front with my 4-year-old as everyone is looking and judging. But it happened just like that. I actually heard one woman gasp in horror as we tiptoed by her chair. I was humiliated, and I deserved every minute of it 🙂

At dinner later that night, I asked Pace what her favorite part of the movie was. And here is her classic answer that made Jeremiah and me nearly fall out of the booth with laughter:
“I really liked that part when they did those funny dances and licked the pole.”

Day complete. My daughter is for sure going to hang up the dream of being a paleontologist, to dance on a stripper pole.

13 Responses to “Just One Little Chicken Wing”

  1. Kellie says:

    O wow! First of all – good for you for keeping her around and having a "Pace" weekend – all our children need that every once in a while!!! Second – Will and I saw "Date Night" the other night – SO FUNNY!!!! But yeah, I can imagine why the woman gasped when she saw Pace! Oh well! She's well-grounded in the faith, so I don't think you will have to worrry!!!!

  2. Kelly says:

    Hilarious about the movie!! That's a funny memory you'll keep for a while!! Reese is into dinosaurs too, and asks to check out library books on them. She says that it is because the boys at school know all about them, and that she needs to know more than the boys. : )

  3. Gail says:

    LOL..I see a pole in this girls future! We saw it, too, and laughed good and hard! GREAT movie and I am glad all got to enjoy it! We took our five and seven yr. old to see…Alice In Wonderland. Actually…twice…Once in regular viewing (my favorite) and 3D..I was shocked that it was good and the boys loved it, too! Your Pace is a girl after out five yrs. olds heart! Each night I would FALL asleep while POP"O" read to him. This was six thirty and I would sleep right through until 6 a.m.
    Hawaii time was daunting, but running after two LIL' active boys was fun, and tiring! I don't remember how I did it long ago! LOL. Glad you had your precious time with Pace. It is so important to do that! I know MA enjoyed her special time with the Grands, too! Enjoy it all. Time does fly by and they are off on their own before you blink! Truly!!!!

  4. Jenny says:

    that is hilarious!! I am laughing out loud right now!! Ya'll look beautiful!

  5. Lauren says:

    She's really going to go astray if you keep playing Apple Bottom Jeans all the time! Just kidding. I'm just remembering the time someone wrote ALL THE LYRICS as a comment! Hahaha!

    Sipsey watched a crime drama on tv with me last night because she couldn't fall asleep. I hope she didn't dream of dead bodies!

  6. Mert says:

    This morning Jay and I were on a dinosaur hunt all the way to daycare. He'd say "I see his tail!" and I'd pretend I was scared. It was adorable! Jay's spending this weekend in Dothan with Chipper and Sugar for the first time!

  7. Darby says:

    Abby, What a wonderful time you had with Pace… I would love to have a weekend with each child individually. I know it was so good for her… even if she did have to be subjected to pole dancing at age 4. 🙂 I've missed catching up with you… I think I'll email you! D

  8. Lindsey says:

    awesome that you got a weekend with just pace. hilarious that you took her to date night! maybe next time ya'll come over, pace can teach elle how to pole dance with their leotards and wings on.

  9. Konie says:

    You will find out years from now that one on one time at ANY age, with one of your children, is a very special time. It still is to me today:)) They also have LOTS of memories of one on one time with their dad. It's awesome that you are doing this….and fun for you too!! And I already knew that Pace was smart!!! She's already WAY ABOVE my level of intelligence!!:)

  10. andi says:

    I love time with the boys one on one. It is so different isn't it? I am cracking up about the movie!!!! You make me smile!

  11. Caroline says:

    haha that is too funny about Pace and enjoying the stripper dance moves! Mabye she got some of my dancin genes 😉 That weekend sounded so fun. I found some pictures today of Pace and mom at that tea room we went too as well as one with a Maddox face in her stroller. They are on my frig 🙂 You must see them! Love you!

  12. Susannah says:

    I'm so glad that you girls had a great day together! That picture is so pretty of the two of you. Love it! How goes the packing? Are you doing it yet?

  13. kendall Boggs says:

    I love this post!!!! I'll never forget taking Gregory to "There's Something about Mary" not having a clue about "those" horrible parts. He was 12 at the time and OMG I was SO embarrassed and tried to cover his eyes. He was probably more embarrassed that he was with me!!!

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