Knocking Out our Bucket List

Nearly every blog I read has neglected to do a new post since the end of June.  It makes me feel a little better to know that I’m not the only one who has trouble getting posts out in the summertime, but I also know the disappointment of checking over and over, only to be greeted by the same old title.  Maybe I should get into “reader” like so many of you.  Somehow, I still find joy in the checking–even though it wastes time and often leaves me disappointed.

ANYWHO, we’re doing well around here!  Mainly gearing up and getting ready to move back HOME in a few weeks!!!  I am so excited–even though we still don’t know where in the heck we’re going to live–I can’t wait for family, and warm weather, and beaches, and field peas, and long days in the swimming pool, and little ginger-colored girls, and fried cornbread, and sundresses, and Slocomb tomatoes, and free babysitters, and the occasional overnight date because of the free babysitters :)…. I miss home AND the South, can y’all tell?

But it’s not all joy.  Despite my inner warnings to myself when we moved here, we’ve managed to put down some roots and make some life-long friends that it’s going to be hard to leave.  We’ve also made some beautiful memories over the last year, that I know I’m going to look back on with mingled joy and sorrow.  Since I’m so behind, I think I’ll just post some shots of the most recent memories we’ve been trying to pack in before we have to say goodbye to the Pacific Northwest.


June 15th the girls had their last day of school.

And look how much they've changed since their first day!


They loved their teachers.



And their friends.


Mrs. Ohs, Jeremiah's Mountain Mama, came for a much anticipated visit.


And while she was here, all my favorite flowers were in bloom at the Market. Peonies.




And Cala Lilies.


Pace is trying to learn to ride her bike without training wheels.


And Mary Aplin (in desperate need of a new helmet) is still enjoying all the freedom her training wheels have to offer.


I took the girls to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. It was fun, and if you live here it would make a fun excursion on a pretty day, but I think the Seattle Zoo is better.


Though the shark encounter...


Was pretty magnificent.


We're trying to take advantage of these cold, but beautiful, beaches before we leave.



Thai take-out in the sand.



With our roommates and dear friends.



As the sun set below the mountains,


we came off the beach to make s'mores.


By Jeremiah's patented method.



We'll miss these happy, sticky faces...


In the 10pm moonrise.

Well, I’ve gotten you caught up to the 4th of July weekend.  However, that was a pretty jam-packed weekend all it’s own and will have to have its own post.  Hopefully sooner rather than later this time!


9 Responses to “Knocking Out our Bucket List”

  1. Jenica says:

    abby!!! love to see all these pictures. miss you guys. and i’ll text you about coming to seattle in the next couple weeks and perhaps i can send you all off! glad to see you’re enjoying you’re last couple weeks!!

  2. lindsey says:

    wow-the girls have grown so much! cannot believe that you guys will be here soon!!!! we are so excited!!!! can’t you tell!!!!

  3. Katie Snow says:

    That first pic is magnificent! One to treasure!

  4. cynthia says:

    Love your new site and congrats on the new baby. I love hearing about your journeys. In 1990 I went to Seattle with my church friends to start a church, I fell so in love with the beautiful country. Thanks for sharing your pics with us it brings back so many memories. Each day I go by your Dad’s house I think of you guys. Your family has gone through alot with the passing of your Mom, but your smiles have never left your faces. Abby your a blessing as a wife,mother, daughter and friend that any young girl would be honored to have as their friend and role model… Can’t wait to see you around Dothan!!!!

  5. Molly says:

    Such sweet memories! Thank you for sharing your life with your readers… we’ve missed you!

  6. Heather Romero says:

    Hi. I somehow stumbled across your blog several months ago, and I thoroughly enjoy reading it. This post especially hit home, as I am a South Carolina girl living in Portland, OR. We’ve been here for 4.5 years now, and I long for family, the south, and free babysitters on a daily basis. I do enjoy Portland, but nothing beats “HOME”. Congrats on your pending move, and feel blessed you get to go back. I’ll never be able to convince my husband to move back, but I still try every day anyway!

  7. Beth Goff says:

    Beautiful pictures! I’m sure you are excited about your journey back home and I know there are many people there waiting for you as well.

    I don’t like Reader, but I keep up with blogs I follow in my Blogger Dashboard “Reading List”.

  8. Mammy Beth says:

    I stumbled across your blog and love it! I too am excited to hear you are moving home….I’m from Alberta, Canada and look forward to hearing about sunshine, beaches, and all things southern. Already enamored! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Mitzi says:

    Abby, Have you looked at Louise Slingluff’s house? It would be great for you and includes awesome neighbors:)
    Love your blog. Can’t wait for you to be in Dothan.

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