After the last couple of blogs, I thought we might could all do with a happy one :)! Not that they haven’t been happy…just maybe some light-hearted happiness. What could be more light-hearted than flying a kite…and eating chocolate?

This Sunday was a typical Seattle day:

I have laughed at Jeremiah, because he’s started calling these days “beautiful.” I hear him on the phone all the time saying, “Yeah, it’s beautiful here today!” I look out the window, thinking maybe I missed something. When I question his truthfulness he says, “Baby, it’s all relative.” I guess he’s right. Rain is not actually falling and for us, that’s a beautiful thing.
So on this beautiful Sunday morning, while I was getting the girls dressed for church, Jeremiah packed us a picnic lunch and threw the kite that the girls got for Christmas into the back of his car. After the church service we went to Gasworks Park to have a picnic and fly a kite.



I’m really glad Jeremiah didn’t tell us the plan, otherwise I would have taken play clothes for the girls and I wouldn’t have gotten these shots of the adorable dresses that Moogie and Sashey gave them for Christmas. I love the bright colors of their dresses and the grass against the charcoal sky…That’s one good thing about this weather.



(I think the dresses came from here, but my MIL got them at a little shop in Dothan, AL, and I didn’t find them on the website, so I’m just not 100% sure.)

Some new, and already dear, friends of ours joined us. They have a little girl named Hannah.

Can you tell they’re from the South too? Most people in Seattle don’t dress their kids in cutesy dresses. You can pick us out pretty quick around here.


After the kite flying, we were all nearly frozen (I didn’t know to bring play clothes OR jackets), so we went to a coffee shop to warm up. And then, we went to a chocolate factory just down the road. We’d heard about Theo, but never gotten to experience it for ourselves.
You can smell warm chocolate as you walk down the sidewalk. It’s almost impossible not to go in.


And then, piles and piles and piles of free chocolate for the sampling…it was like a dream.




Thanks for all your sweet comments on the last blog. I love y’all. Thanks for sharing in our lives and adding a beautiful richness. Happy week!

23 Responses to “Light Heart”

  1. About Us: says:

    Great pictures. i've been reading your blog for awhile now and just wanted to say hi! your pictures turned out great from the weekend.
    cheers to a "beautiful" week!

  2. Melissa Richie says:

    Your pictures are beautiful as are your little munchkins. I can't wait to get hugs from all of you SO SOON.

    I remember being in Northern Ireland for a month. The "beautiful" days certainly were of a different type than those in the south. I'm glad to see you guys enjoying them! I love that you're living life to its fullest in Seattle.

    Miss you!

  3. Mert says:

    What do people in Seattle dress their little girls in??? I see you starting a new trend with your influence and beautiful princesses!

  4. Gail says:

    Abbby, I had to laugh…YOU are so 100% right on about NO COLOR in Seattle! I used to wear my bright Southern "HAPPY" colors while visiting and I stood out like a clown! I didn't care…I sure got tired of the dark stuff! By the way…I have had time, to sit, beachside, Hawaii, and reflect your last Post and words. They sure make me think, A LOT! You have a God-Given, gift to teach! Have a blessed week!

  5. Kendall Clark says:

    "even the dolphins make me cry" this quote came to my mind today…the flood gates are still open. Love you!

  6. aedozier says:

    The dresses are absolutely precious! The picture of the girls on the hill reminds me of The Sound of Music! What a fun day that Jeremiah planned! I'm afraid if I told my hubs to plan an afternoon, we'd be in a tree stand in the woods.

  7. mitzi says:

    Free chocolate!!! The girls do look like they are happy and having fun. What an adventure.Hugs!

  8. Lindsey says:

    i wanted to write on the last post, but couldn't find the right words. not in 'comment' form anyway… looking forward to talking about all this in person. absolutely beautiful pictures of your beautiful family.

  9. Konie says:

    GREAT pictures of the girls!! And Jeremiah too:)) I noticed the beautiful contrast of their dresses immediately, against the grey background! WOW!!!!!!!

  10. Lacey says:

    Beautiful pics! & I really like Jeremiah's belt!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    You would think as gray as it is people would want to see some color! The girls look perfect in those cute dresses.

  12. Meredith Gibson says:

    Hi, I found your blog through Darby's a couple of months ago and have been meaning to comment. I have really enjoyed reading your words, looking at your beautiful pictures and following your journey in Seattle! Meredith

  13. Becky says:

    Gorgeous family, and as always a beautiful heart;)

  14. Kendall says:

    they are adorable Abbs! And, your pics just keep getting better and better!

  15. Lindsay says:

    For some reason all I could think of was the Von Trapp childern's play clothes… the girls dresses are precious!
    Miss and love you friend!!

  16. dee says:

    I hope this doesn't get too long, but I have recently started following your blog and am captivated. I don't remember how I found you, but there are many things that keep me coming back. Among those are: LOVE your girls' names, am also a southern gal, and after reading through some of you older entries- Cinderella is my all time favorite movie!!! I purchased it in VCR version years ago. Now I must also find DVD copy. Love it so much! And I am quite a bit older than you, so am encouraged that there are those in the younger generation who still adore it. I reside in NC, am happily married for 27 years, and we have three great kids.

  17. Carmel says:

    Just wanted to say that your blog is so precious and inspiring! I've been reading it here in Kentucky after seeing something about you on Darby's blog..(Darby grew up with my brother's wife). Anyway…love how sweet your girls are, and what a good mom you are! You remind me of my brother and his wife (as he is also an orthopaedic, and had to do a fellowship out of town, and they also have two little girls…and twin boys). Thanks for all of your sweet posts…i check often to get a little encouragement from a mommy like you! Your post about your sitter that wouldn't pray with your girls really got to me…as we just had our first little girl 5 months ago. We will now think about that when we get sitters!!! Thanks Abby!!

  18. EFT Therapy says:

    Those twins looks adorable! You have lovely photos by the way.

  19. Brittny says:

    That grass with those dresses is making me drool!!!! I haven't seen grass that green in years!!! (We live in Florida and our yards are mostly dirt/sand and grass with mostly weeds, and don't forget the sand spurs!) I want to take off my shoes and just roll down that hill! And finish it off with some of that delicious chocolate you were talking about. Yummmm…….

  20. Anonymous says:

    hmm the green green grass of… what were they singing about anyway??? My guess it is a lawn seeded with winter rye or a blend that does well for that area…indeed the pictures look like I'm looking at J crew or mini Boden …. you have a knack ,I think you should be a photographer on the side and the business of candid images are your forte perhaps if you have to your portfolio could include Margret Burke White stuff of Seattle

  21. no. 151 says:

    The grass is so green (by comparision, I'm writing from Ohio, a land currently filled with dirty snow). Great pictures!

  22. gina stanfield says:

    ree drummond (the pioneer woman) said in her blog today that her sister betsy has moved to seattle. wouldn't it be cool if yall could meet!

  23. Anonymous says:

    My boyfriends' mom told me about your blog. I absolutely love it because I was born in Seattle, Wa (Bellevue). I was moved to Huntsville, Al in Elementary school and now go to school at Troy. So I love seeing all the pictures of "home" and am really getting a good laugh of our reverse culture shocks! I hope your enjoying the city- you will really learn to dance in the rain. I love the rain and honestly miss it, as well as all of the amazing things about Seattle. (Like driving down I5 and being surrounded by mountains, here I am mostly surrounded by peanut fields….)

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