I can’t believe it’s already been a week and a half since I posted last. As most anyone knows who is reading this, it has been an overwhelming week and a half. Apparently, when I wrote “Daffodils” God was preparing me for some even colder rain. However, in His infinite mercy He also spread a little sunshine.

As far as the rain goes, I think I’ll just list it out: Mom’s cancer is apparently back. There is “multiple disease” in her abdomen. She is supposed to hear a course of action from her doctor here in Birmingham today or tomorrow, and she and Dad are flying to Houston on Thursday to talk to her doctor there. We are all doing well, and trying to submit to God’s sovereignty while waiting for her long-promised healing.

Jeremiah had his tonsils out, and if you still have yours, then I recommend holding onto them. He has been determined to keep living life to the fullest, right down to eating cheeseburgers, and has suffered greatly because of it. His worst days have been post-op day 5 and 6 (we are only on 7 now) and I thought we should be well into the healing stage at this point.

Mimi (my Dad’s mom) had a heart attack Saturday night. She is doing well, but they had to put in 3 stints.

Now the sunshine: We are having another BABY!!

Whew! Are you as breathless as I am? Every day, I pray through these and other trials and joys, and then I find that I just have to leave it all at Jesus’ feet. It’s too heavy to carry, so I leave it there with Him and keep living life.

I want to share one neat moment and then I have to get busy. I experienced what felt like an actual hug from God. We found out about Mom on Friday (the 9th), and on Saturday I was feeling the need to be close to someone. Jeremiah was sitting in his chair at the computer desk, practicing a song the he and Ashley were supposed to sing at church the next day. I climbed into his lap and pressed my forehead against his cheek. He was learning the harmony, so I quietly began to sing the melody along with him. As we sat there, the words that I had been listening to all day without really hearing began to seep into my heart.

Your grace still amazes me. Your love, is still a mystery. Each day, I fall on my knees, because your grace still amazes me.

Even though my heart felt open and bare with fear for mom, I suddenly felt overwhelmed by God’s grace. I felt my husband who loves me pressing me close. I saw our beautiful and healthy little girl playing contentedly on the floor. I felt the ever-present gift of a new baby, a new life being knit together. His grace still amazes me.

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  1. Mary Grace says:

    Your strength and faith continually amazing me and you are a constant inspiration for me. Thanks for reminding me that it “tis so sweet to trust in Jesus.”

    Love you all and am praying for God’s grace and healing for your mom.

  2. whitney says:

    WOW- you really said that well sugar.

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