Who knew that preschool could be so busy at the end of the year?? Between Mother’s Day teas, class parties, and graduation programs I felt like I was at school with the girls almost every day for the past couple of weeks. All such sweet and memorable moments,…but very few “free” moments to do things like blog.


Mary Aplin sang very few of the songs at her program and told me she wasn't sure grown-ups were SUPPOSED to come. In general, she already acts too cool for us.


Baybus came to the program, but said he couldn't see very well from inside his pumpkin seat.


He was much happier with the view from my lap...as per usual.


We had quite a crew there to support our shy little performer.


I don't know who took this, but I include it because I laughed at how accurately it depicts what the majority of my life looks like right now.


There's Pace at her program/Kindergarten graduation (very back, right). Totally opposite of Mary Aplin, she sang every word, had a tiny speaking part, and gave us all guilt trips about being there-front and center--to watch her.

I’m joking around, but it really was a wonderful year.  These girls, different as they are, love each other so much and so…tenderly.  Since the first day of school, they have grabbed each other’s hands to walk together inside.  Then, Pace walks Mary Aplin to her class so that she can hug and kiss her before they separate for the rest of the morning.  On their last day, where both will be pre-schoolers, I couldn’t help but jump out of my car in carpool line and try to capture this moment.  Then, I got back in my car and boo-hooed.


I love my little chicken wings.  And I love how they love each other.

We’ve done some major talking and praying and even fasting about where to send the girls to school next year.  You’d have thought we were making a life or death choice!  A part of me really wanted Mary Aplin to stay right where she was.  We’ve been so happy this year in their school, and I didn’t really want to change something that we had “right.”  However, when I asked her if she would like to stay at her school while Pace moved to another school for first grade, she burst into tears (a very strange occurrence for our rough and tough Dapples!).  “I want to go to school with my sister!”


We’re not going to separate them.  I couldn’t.

In other May news, I TURNED 30!!!!!  It was more of a big deal to me than I thought it was going to be.  I feel very blessed to be happily married with three precious babies at this milestone, but, as my friend Lindsey so delicately put it, I now know I’m MIDDLE-AGED.  Yuck. Something about remembering my parents watching the show “Thirty Something,” when I was a kid, thinking of them at that age, and realizing that I am now there, kept playing through my mind all day.

At dinner on my birthday, I shared those thoughts with my Dad and he said, “I predict we’re going to be in our thirties in heaven.  It seems like the perfect age to me.  You’ve matured through a lot of the mess in your twenties, but it’s before you start the over-the-hill part of your forties.  So, celebrate entering the prime of life!”

I liked that view-point much better than miserably middle-aged 🙂


Sunday afternoon tea on the porch in a rainstorm.

For my birthday/Mother’s day we left the girls with Jeremiah’s parents, and Jeremiah arranged a weekend for just the two of us (plus the nursing Baybus) at the beach.  He asked Kendall to stay at a place nearby and be our sitter on-call for the whole weekend.  Taylor came down to help her, and while Jay Paul did make an executive decision to no longer take a bottle or any of the milk I’d pumped, we did still get some nice dinners, exercise, and time on the beach-just the two of us.  There was nothing I wanted more for my 30th 🙂


Although, this time where my two BEST girlfriends took me to get my nails done on my actual birthday, ran a very close second 🙂

In anticipation of turning 30, in an attempt to undo the entire year I spent celebrating Seattle with food and drink galore, in an utter realization that it’s time for my post-pregnancy body to become mine again…I’ve cranked down on my diet and exercise regime and am celebrating how much better I already feel with a little more discipline in my life.

I’ve taken some early morning runs through the woods on Jeremiah’s parent’s farm.


On this particular run, Eli and Avery joined me.  Eli and I were feeling pretty similar after this last hill of the day.photo-20

There aren’t a ton of mornings where Jeremiah can keep the kids and let me go exercise before he leaves for work, but when he does, I usually find things in an interesting state upon my return.


I am looking so forward to the more relaxed mornings, long days spent in open air, and…pool time that summer brings.


After a couple of missed attempts, Baybus finally decided he like the swimming pool.


The two Jay Pauls.

And I’ll end this post with best part of quiet summer mornings, these days.DSC_1019

After Daddy leaves for work and the girls are still asleep, I meet this little blue-eyed butter bean for our cuddle time.  We smile and talk and coo, and now we don’t have to worry about cutting it short to jump out of the bed and get big sisters ready for school.  DSC_1017

He started rolling over Easter weekend and sometimes we practice that.  Now, he loves to push his feet off my hands and propel himself forward.  We play airplane and I drink my coffee (not usually simultaneously :)), but mostly we do a lot of grinning at each other.

DSC_1016We are madly in love.

10 Responses to “May So Far”

  1. molly says:

    Oh, Abby, I love your sweet family!

    The picture of your girls walking to school together is too good.

    I hope your 30th year of life is filled with every happiness and blessing in Christ.

  2. Lindsey says:

    ok, you left out the part about how i agreed that the 30’s are, by far, the best years!! i was simply trying to empathize and tell you why MY 30th was so hard. Plus, I’ve got you by 4 years so I’m much more “middle-aged” than you:). glad I got to celebrate the milestone with you! love all the sweet pictures of the fam and baybus.

  3. mary beth says:

    Oh my gosh! Jay Paul is SO SO cute! I realize now how “big” my 15-month-old looks. 🙁 We are in the thick of school decisions in the fall as well for our 3 & 4 yr-old girls. It is hard! And I love your dad’s perspective on age 30…I’ll remember that when it’s my turn.

  4. ashley says:

    That picture of your husband cleaning the stable shirtless with jay paul strapped to him made me spit my coffee out laughing! Too funny

    • Laura Stronach says:

      Ditto…..my hubby will have some new ammo for a fun poke when he see’s this pict of his friend
      Laura of Clan Stronach

  5. Darby says:

    Abby… love the update, so much goodness in one post and that picture of Jeremiah mucking the stalls was absolutely hilarious and I laughed out loud!!! Miss y’all!!!

  6. caroline says:

    Abby!! I love it!! All of your pictures and descriptions of whats been going on in the Maddox world. I miss yall so much but do look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks. You look amazing and so do all your chicken wings!!! Your an all star mom and I hope to be as good to mine one day. Much hugs and kisses to you all!!!

  7. Nancy says:

    What a PRECIOUS post. Love all of the pictures.
    I, too, wish you had time to update daily! You are such a wonderful writer!!

  8. Randa says:

    Your Dad has good perspective. I’m 34, got married on my 31st birthday, and am waiting (and praying) for a child or two. If God wants that, and in His time. I keep reminding myself of that.

    Mostly (until I’m reminded by people who are younger than me, who are hesitant to hit their 30s), I don’t feel one bit “middle-aged”… to me that seems like a strange term for the 30s decade. After all, 50 is the new 40, they say.

  9. Heidi says:

    Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    Love the photo of J cleaning the horse stall with Baybus 🙂

    Am most of jealous of your running path. I got clouds and streets on my run today.

    I did not get married until I was 30 and had my first kid at 42. Therefore 40’s can’t be over the hill. My thirties were great and I hope your will be also

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