On Monday night, Groundhog’s Day no less, I was one of those Car vs Deer accidents that I often listen to Jeremiah talk about from his ER nights. I left Dothan around 8:30 to drive back to Birmingham. I was cruising down 231, just north of Ozark, when suddenly there was a deer right in front of my car. Do you know that all I could think when I saw that thing (besides Holy Crap you better slam on those brakes as hard as you can) was, “That deer is going to smash through my windshield and kill me.” Because those are the type of horror stories Jeremiah likes to relate. Things like antlers skewering the driver, Ok?!

Obviously, none of that happened or I wouldn’t be happily writing this little blog post. Besides crunching the front grill and my door, there was no real harm done. Pace never even woke up in the backseat and Mary Aplin only roused for a few minutes. My father and brother-in-law came and picked us up at Trailer World (if you’ve ever been to Christmas City in Ariton, you know where I am talking about :)), since the front of the car was wedged into the wheel. Then we went back to the Maddox’s house to spend the night and try the trip again (Groundhog’s Day!) the next morning.

Now, three really nice things have come out of that accident. One, is that Dr. Maddox (my FIL) is one of those people who doesn’t just give you the shirt off their back if you need it, he gives you his shirt and then goes out and buys you three of the very nicest shirts you could have imagined to go with it. Jeremiah’s whole family is like that really. It astounds me. So anyway, Dr. Maddox gave me his brand spankin‘ new Land Cruiser to drive while my car gets fixed. I feel absolutely spoiled rotten and find myself LOOKING for errands to run 🙂

Second, on our way home we stopped to eat at McDonalds. It had been a long night, none of us had bathed, and I am assuming we must have looked pretty homeless because of what happened. This nice, normal, sixtyish man was joking with Pace in line while we ordered our food. She was an easy target considering she’d worn large, pink, heart-shaped sunglasses, upside down (because she REFUSED to let me turn them right-side up) into the establishment. (You see we were still celebrating V-Day, even in our distress.) I didn’t think much of it; we were eating our lunch inside (since I didn’t dare let the girls eat in the bright shiny borrowed car) and close to being done, when that same man walked by our table and handed Pace a TWENTY saying, “Buy something fun for you and baby sister!” I was shocked at the kindness. I tried to give it back but he shook his head, smiled, and disappeared out the door. It was just so sweet! Not a five, a TWENTY, to absolute strangers.

Third, like anytime something near-tragic (or tragic) happens, I was left feeling extremely grateful. Grateful for all the times, that I don’t even know about, that God has stretched out a hand to protect us. Grateful that we were all safe, and that we weren’t another ER story being talked about over dinner. Grateful that I wasn’t dealing with the guilt of having an accident that had injured one of the precious packages that were sleeping in the backseat. Just grateful for life and family. I was having a “discussion” with Jeremiah about finances when that “mean deer who needs a spanking” (as Pace is now calling it) stepped into the road, and it is amazing how everything shifted into perspective…and I even got a new car and a twenty in the deal 🙂

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  1. LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! says:

    Wow….I’ve heard of bad things happening in 3s, but never good things! Way to go….getting $20 is awesome….kind of gives you faith in strangers again!
    I’m glad you’re safe.

  2. Ashley says:

    Bless your heart!! Im so thankful that you and the girls are ok! One of my BIGGEST fears is getting into an accident! Thank the LORD for safety, nice people and for families 🙂

  3. Darby says:

    Abby… I am so glad you are ok. Maybe I should stop bathing the girls, dress them in straggling clothes and eat at McDonald’s more often! Enjoy that ride… it’s a SMOOTH one NO DOUBT… brand new Land Cruiser… mmm… might be my most FAVORITE CAR ever. E and I were test driving one last time she was here in Dothan {for HER not me… but you probably new that} and we’re cruising along and then we hear squeeling tires and a CAR SLAMS into the car behind us… praise the Lord it wasn’t us in the “test drive”! Glad you and the girls are okay… if it had been Justin he would have gone back for the deer and put it in the back of the car. 🙂

  4. Beth G. says:

    I am so glad yall are okay! What a blessing!! Natalie shares stories that Wayne tells her from work but they are about moose!

  5. Kellie Patton says:

    Glad ya’ll are okay and isn’t that just awesome! I know all about those “financial discussions” yuck! God works in mysterious ways – who knows, maybe someday soon you’ll have a brand spankin new Land Cruiser of your own – but if not, just enjoy it while you can!

  6. mitzi says:

    After your last year WalMart problem, how great is it that a bad situation be “profitable”.
    On the other hand, so thankful you are all safe. Take care, Abby , be watchful- you are such a sweet spirit and would never anticipate problems. I am the same way.

  7. Gail says:

    What a great story! You, my dear…have a lot of talent! Yes, indeed, too, you came out with no harm!Glory be to God! I agree with you 100% the Maddox’s are such sweet, loving, and kind people. They too, are lucky to have you, and your wonderful family. Thanks for a good story and a great way to start the day..Giving thanks!

  8. Lindsey says:

    glad to hear you and the girls are okay. have fun driving the land cruiser and spending the $20! maybe for some valentine treats:).

  9. Sarah Thomas says:


  10. Kendall Boggs says:

    WOW!!! I am SO glad you are okay!!! that could have been VERY serious……on another note,,,. now that I’m officially addicted to FACEBOOK! I’m just waiting for a FB blog from you!!! I need your prospective or I’m gonna have to go into Facebook re-hab!

  11. Natalie McGough says:

    Abby!! How scary! I’m so glad y’all are okay. I’m always so scared a deer or moose will run out in front of us, especially on all of our dark roads up here. Valentine’s day is almost here: )!! I know your excited. Be careful.

  12. andi says:

    So thankful that you are safe and sound. What an amazing story. I am pumped you got a $20 happy day! The Maddox family is so generous! So are you. 🙂

  13. Jennifer says:

    Scary. Glad you are all safe and sound!

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