I’ve quit the spray tan and the curling iron, cold turkey.Easter10 006
It was hard on me at Easter, but I did it. Has anybody ever made a good Easter picture? I mean it’s “Spring” and your ready to bust out in a Springy dress…but your skin isn’t. Unless you’ve been in the tanning bed or gettin’ sprayed, you weren’t ready either, were you? But I bet you still sported your white legs and convinced yourself it wasn’t that bad. I do it every year, and I never learn. That’s why you can’t see my legs in this picture, and we’re in the forgiving shade 🙂

Because in our natural state, Dapples and I could both be extras in the Twilight movies:
Easter10 021
Easter10 015
On to something besides skin and hair (what am I blabbering about today?!). We’ve been reveling in this gorgeous spring weather. Climbing trees:
Easter10 041
Or, in Mary Aplin’s case, trying really hard to climb trees:
Easter10 039
We’ve also been hanging out with little Lucy:033

AND Taylor and Ashley have been gracing my door each morning at 5am!!!
BIGWeekend 013
to do P90X.

It’s kicking my BUTT…and my biceps, and abs, and lats, and calves….This morning (at 4:50!) as I winced trying to get my arms and legs into my workout clothes, Jeremiah said, “Do you think it’s worth it if you’re going to be in a bad mood all the time?” HaHa. Soooo funny. Only 86 more days to go!

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  1. Darby says:

    Would it be totally abnormal for me to comment on the last 3 posts in one comment section? I hope not because I'm 'bout to!

    First, your mom. It gave me sweet chills to think of your time with her. No matter how it was, in reality or spirit or both, it was real and real is good and I'm glad you got to tell her Happy Easter! What a blessing to you both!!

    Second, I loved your 12 reasons to learn to laugh… because laughter is so, so, so good for my soul and really I can think of few things that are more important in life than laughing. Which is what you make me do regularly, so thank you. And congrats on being a guest blogger… but you arrived many years ago… not yesterday! 🙂

    Third, today's post was hilarious. How was giving up the curling iron & spray tan cold turkey? Are you having any withdrawls from it? I hope not. I think you look beautiful in your green dress… I love all things green and that dress is one of them. And your face looks tan so you shouldn't have mentioned your legs and we'd never of known they were white. That Lucy is a plump little butterball, did you get her to latch on? I figured that my video inspired you. I shouldn't leave inside jokes in comment sections. And last but not least… P90x… have you lost your ever living mind? How hard do y'all laugh at each other while you are doing it? I mean, not that you can't do it, I'm sure you can but I know I couldn't and I know it would be hilarious, not to mention extremely PAINFUL. Ok, so have I taken up enough of your time, maybe an email would have been more appropriate for this?! Oh well… have a great day, your husband is hilarious, we must find out who this prospect is and do some serious PI work! Ok… I'm done, BYE!

  2. Whitney says:


    I am concerned about what you mean by Lucy "latching on" to Abby. Please elaborate.

    Lucy's mom

  3. Holland says:

    i found your blog from looking at other friend's blogs… you know the drill– but i just had to comment this time– the "twilight extra" thing really cracked me up!
    another pale reader

  4. Blueprint Bliss says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the first photo of your beautiful little family.

    Love the rest of the photos as well but that one made me smile.

  5. Darby says:

    Dear Whitney, I will send you a YouTube video of Abby nursing Lucy. You'll love it!

  6. Lindsey says:

    darby's comment was the longest in the history of blog comments… i promise your legs would have been darker than mine and i showed them in all their twilight glory. so glad jeremiah's belt made the picture. and i agree with d about p90x, ya'll have lost your minds:)!

  7. Taylor says:

    abbbyy WHY WHY WHY did you put that beastly pic of me up>>>> agh well at least i can hold on to the hope that though my hair will always be out of control in 85 days maybe my blubbery body wont be such a big white "twilight" blob as much anymore 🙂

  8. Anonymous says:

    Tony Horton is my hero!! Good luck Abby and Taylor, it's the best workout ever. Love from Seattle, your cousin, Laura 🙂

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