I hate to do this, but I am going to remove the ability to post comments “Anonymously” on this blog. There is something fun and mysterious to me about some of you leaving comments without your name. It makes me feel like there are sweet people out there, who I don’t even know, that care about our lives. Unfortunately, there are also people in this world who like to say unkind things under their anonymous guise. I am completely OK with people disagreeing with me, or even feeling the need to call me out in areas you think I am in the wrong. However, if you intend to make a strong statement, then I believe its only right that you should have the courage to put your name to it. Otherwise, you’re just a coward. I hope this doesn’t mean an end to the sweet anonymous friends I’ve made…

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  1. vicki haley says:

    I could not BELIEVE some one sent that! Obviously, they don’t know how little money residence make and they don’t understand the sacrifices you’ve made to be able to stay home with your children right now. Don’t let it get you down!

  2. Gail says:

    Abby, Please don’t let anyone or thing stop you from sharing all you do. I love reading and learn so much from you. In his love, Gail

  3. Heather H says:

    when I first read your post I started freaking out that you thought it was ME that was some freakazoid! thank goodness it wasn’t. I promise I am not a strange person .. I actually went to highschool (well, my little sister graduated with him)with Bryan J…. small world that he is your next door neighbor!

    I go to church with a couple of his brothers in ATL!

    I hope that you can continue to be real and share your heart. That is what draws me back time and time again!


  4. Mitzi says:

    You do whatever you need to
    I love your thoughts; don’t understand the problem, which may be good. I might punture tires!!!
    love you

  5. .jennifer. says:

    Hi Abby,

    I randomly found your blog one day and have been hooked ever since. I’m very sorry to see that anyone would be less than respectful to you. You are a dignified, beautiful woman and mother and I have a lot of respect for the way you beautifully capture things in your writing.

    I obviously don’t know you but I feel like I have for a long time. I so appreciate your courage and grace and hope to see much more from you. I hope you don’t mind my peering into your life!! It is a gorgeous life.


  6. Jenny says:

    Hey Abby,

    I am glad I just started a blog so I can post. I hate that someone did something disrespectful.
    It was great to see you this weekend. I have some pics to send you of Mary Aplin, I will email them or send them in the mail to you soon.

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Robin says:

    I have gotten some bad comments also. I say, if you don’t agree, at least say it and face up to it by signing your name. Sad thing about mine is that I figured out who sent it and it still shocks me that she would do such a thing. Oh well, Love you. Mrs. RObin

  8. Melissa says:

    Did it get worse than the rap comment?! Oooo, I can’t wait to hear about it.


    I love you and your blog :).


  9. Melissa says:

    Taking off anonymous comments only works if people can keep their google identities a secret. If “Melissa” ever says something really rude, it was probably me.


  10. Aron says:

    Abby, People such are idiots, I think I see most of them in Dothan on a daily basis that HAVE to come through my office…lol! I do not know what comment was left, but I personally love reading your blogs. You have such a gift in writing and expressing your thoughts and feelings through words. Being able to sit down and actually read a book is a rare thing for me and I have gotten hooked on reading your blogs. Your blog is like a never ending book that I can read in quick clips every few days! Keep it up! Thanks for bringing additional joy to my life! ~Aron Nicholls-Hinderliter (Robbie Nicholls older sister)

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