I’d like to start by saying…We had such a blast with these two. Can you see Mrs. Personality over there on the left and Mr. Can Carry a Conversation on Any Topic in the Universe on the right? That would be Jeremiah’s Mom and Dad. For those of you who don’t know us in real life, his Dad is an orthopod like Jeremiah and his Mom rescues dogs (like seriously she keeps around twenty something at any given time–anybody looking for a new pet?) and manages their sprawling farm. When you add the fact that his Dad also has a horse farm/hay business on the side of operating on people’s spines and dreaming up new and crazy “projects” for their farm…it’s hard to get all the QT (does everybody know that means Quality Time?) you might want. But for three and half days Jeremiah and I had them–and San Francisco–all to out little selves.

We made our way to the Ghiradelli “factory” and watched how they make chocolate (we also ate a Ghiradelli chocolate sunday with a still-warm waffle cone shell).

We sampled some Boudin sourdough bread with our fresh-from Fisherman’s Wharf seafood dinner.

Jeremiah did some sight-seeing (dressed like a pimp)–still in a suit from his Spine conference and wearing some of his Mom’s sunglasses (throughout the trip) since he left his at home 🙂We hopped on a ferry to go to…Alcatraz.
This was such an unforgettable experience. You do a walking tour with a headset, and the people talking gruffly in your ears are men who were imprisoned or worked there. It was fascinating to hear about their daily routines, their escape attempts, and peek into the actual cells where they spent such large, morbid periods of their lives. There is background noise of guards yelling, doors sliding, men cat-calling…all while you walk around with a whole lot of silent people just as engrossed in the stories as you are.
We had lunch looking out at this view while we were in Sausalito–just before we perused their quaint shops and art galleries.
We had dinner across the grassy square from this church in the Italian district. This is the church that Marilyn Monroe wanted to marry Joe DiMaggio in (he grew up in this neighborhood), but the priest wouldn’t let her since it was her second marriage…so they just had pictures made inside instead 🙂 We also were not afraid to be TOURISTS! Check us out in the double-decker bus, along with everybody else with their cameras…and even a fannypack or two was spotted.I normally shy away from the whole idea of being a tourist. Something about it seems…humiliating. But let me tell you, that double decker bus was the best thing we did! We saw ALL the sights. We hopped off and explored when we wanted to, and then caught the next bus. We leisurely sat back and enjoyed the sunshine and breezes, and heard catchy side stories about places we passed on our way to the next big attraction.I will never again be too cool for the bus…and you shouldn’t be either. Our fellow red bus traveler snapped this one for us in front of the Academy of the Arts. Jeremiah’s still lookin‘ hot in those glasses. [My sister also just pointed out that I might should address what the HECK I am wearing. I started out the day wearing that as a dress,…then started freezing so I pulled out the jeans that I had handily stored in my purse, and there you have it–pregnant Abby.] We had our breath taken away by the Redwood trees of Muir Woods.
And we took another of several brisk walks in improper female footwear. Jeremiah can’t bear to spend money on cabs, so we huffed it everywhere across not only this rocky terrain, but also those steep San Francisco hills.

He can never seem to convince me to wear “proper” things. I say, “Do you really want me to wear Isotoners with black socks??” And he replies, “No, but I would also like to not ALWAYS be over the bag weight limit in the airport because you’ve had to pack eighteen different pairs of high-heeled shoes and flip-flops to match all of your ‘outfits’.” Thankfully, his Mom sides with me on this issue, so at least I wasn’t the only one…I digress.We went to Sonoma valley for a little wine tasting.It was GORGEOUS and GOOD 🙂And while we talked a lot of smack to our fellow tourists and tour guide–warning us about the heat when we reached Sonoma–we told them that it couldn’t compare to the temperatures we’d left in south Alabama. Well, we were swallowing our words by the days’ end and looking for the nearest shade 🙂 Finally, after all this beautiful scenery, mind invigorating conversation (with no sweet babies to interrupt), sumptuous food, and, well, wine-tasting, we all four went home feeling like this…
I love San Francisco.

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  1. Gail says:

    Your visit was wonderful! I just returned from SF. went last Sept…so it wasn't "just return" LOL.. I loved Alcatraz, too…it freaked me out with the head phone thing. It made it so real! My friend, who follows your blog, through me…lives about 15 mins. from Muir Woods..We went for the day. It's it just so pretty! She lives in Mill Valley..You would adore that cute little place. It is full of neat shops and places to dine…We ate over in Sausalito, too…I loved it, too! Ate out on the water front. I love that place! I am so glad you enjoyed the bus ride. That I have never done, there…but I do while visiting Chicago..It's a must! You are so right…getting off and on where you desire and not fighting for a parking place is the best…by the way..I was the driver in SF. and I parked downtown..when we returned to the car after only 2 hrs…it was gone..I failed to notice the NO PARKING sign down below for the hrs. of 2 p.m. until 7!!1 Well…it costed us a mere $ 250.00 to bail out the car! Your way was the best way! LOL…Linda looks so great..just like she did as a kid! Does she still jog? She must– to be in shape like that!Glad your enjoyed the family time! You deserve it!

  2. Abby Euten says:

    Sounds A-MAZING!! I love it too!

  3. Kellie says:

    You're too funny – looks like you might REALLY BE "pregnant Abby" after that trip!!!!:~) (I can't believe I really just typed that – I'm going to hit publish before I chicken out and delete it!!!) Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures – I too, LOVED San Fran every time we visited!!!! I can't wait to go back one day with my hubby!

  4. andi says:

    Love the recap of the trip!!!! 🙂 What a fun experience!

  5. Blueprint Bliss says:

    Abby- sounds like a great trip. Thanks for letting us all live vicariously through you!

    Hope to see you soon. xx- Brooke

  6. ashr7406 says:

    LOVE THIS POST!! So glad that you had a wonderful time!! I'm putting this on my list of places that I want to go! 🙂 You make me want to have a husband and take a vacation!!

  7. melissa richie says:

    Glad you had fun! Can't wait to hear more about it!

  8. Konie says:


    What a GRAND trip!! The tour bus….WELL, with Jenna in Los Angeles, OF COURSE we had never done "Starline Tours"!! (actually I THINK that is what it's called!!) BUT…after living there almost a year, Jenna decided to take the tour bus. ( AFTER taking so many friends on JENNA'S tour!!)She absolutely could not believe she had never been on that double-decker bus before and just SICK that she had never taken friends on it. My next trip to LA I will be one of those tourists for sure!!! Jenna said it is THE BEST way to tour Los Angeles!!! I'm sure you felt the same about the tour bus in San Francisco!! Glad you had the chance to take this trip AND glad I was able to help out with Pace and Mary Aplin : ) : )

  9. Beth Goff says:

    I am so glad you had a blast exploring San Francisco. I have to tell you when we went to visit Alcatraz I was a BIG 7 1/2 months pregnant with Karoline. You know the big hill you have to walk up and it was a challenge, but the funny part was that the Georgia Tech football team was in town and you should have heard those big babies (I mean boys) walking up to the top… it was pitiful!
    One guy stopped me, because we were headed back down at the time, and asked me if it was worth it. It was funny…

    Again, I am so glad you had a great trip!!

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