It’s late (for us at least), and I don’t have time for a whole post, but I wanted to let you know that we’re home. The second half of our week was spent sight-seeing in Seattle together, and then Jeremiah went to shadow/interview the doctors while I took on the city alone. I am not going to give you a moment by moment (like I did of day one) partly because if you are not a parent, you won’t understand why it was so much fun and partly because if you are a parent you’ll just want to kill me because you are so jealous. The short version is: I shopped like I was a millionaire (I don’t know what came over me!), sat in coffee shops and read my book (all alone and quiet), I explored an art museum that was filled with Impressionistic paintings (like Monet, Manet, Degas, Renoir, Cassatt…all of my favorites!), we went to Pike Place market (which was like a farmer’s market times 1,000 where they throw just barely dead fish around), and we had a romantic dinner every night (again, like we were millionaires).

This weekend, we took the girls to the beach. There are some things that evolved out of this trip that I am really looking forward to telling you about. Along with our heart feelings on Seattle. BUT, until I have more time…here’s some fish from the market 🙂 BTW, there will be no more pics of me or Jeremiah for a while. I feel sort of disgusting having so many of us and none of the girls.

2 Responses to “Seattle Catch Up”

  1. meredith says:

    Oh, Abby! It’s ok to get away from your kids once in a while. It rejuvenates you and makes you a better parent! There is nothing wrong with pictures of you and Jeremiah on your blog! It’s great getting to see you even if it’s on;y on the computer. Of course, I love seeing pictures of your beautiful girls as well! I’m glad you 2 were able to get away and have some alone time! Hope y’all are doing well!


  2. Gail says:

    My daughter spend three yrs. in Seattle. I must say…Although it is certainly pretty…It sure was daunting for this Sountern Family! LOL..I think the summer two yrs. ago when the temp went up to 100 for one full week, including the nights around 85 IF we were lucky and having NO air condition! What are these people thinking about? In one day I witness all of the following in just one hours time…Sunshine, darkness, rain, sleet, and snow!!! And, like magic…it went right back to Sunshine…I was amazed! LOL. Thankfully, their next stop will be…HAWAII! Talk about a BIG change! LOL..And, this beach Granny can’t wait! I am glad you got a break and enjoyed the trip. Downtown at the market is truly something fun to see! In his love, Gail

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