We have been out and about, getting to know this wide and wonderful city. I’ve gotten kind of stressed at the thought of trying to do a post about each attraction we visit. I also thought that a lot of you might get bored and think, “Abby, we don’t live in Seattle, are not planning a visit to Seattle, and wish you’d stop making us go along on every site-seeing adventure!” So, I decided that about once a week, I’ll do a “Seattle” post. That way, I will have record of our time and a reference to look back on when our family and friends come to visit, and you can skip the “Seattle” posts if you aren’t interested. Ok, here goes:

The Locks, in Ballard

I just read through all the purposes of the Locks on their website, and if you want to know exactly you can go there. From what I could see, the Locks move boats from Puget Sound to Lake Washington and vice versa. Since one side is fresh water, the other side salt water, and they lie at a difference of 20 feet in sea level it would make it difficult for a boat to pass without their help.


It was pretty intimidating to stand on that bridge, that had the potential to open wide underneath our feet, with that low railing. Especially with a two year old who has a compulsion for climbing on everything and a fear level of zero.

We watched the boats rise and fall for a while and then we walked over to see how the salmon were fairing in their journey across. You can’t really tell from this picture, but there were a TON of them and they are ginormous.

And ugly up close 🙂

They call this a fish ladder and it is sort of fascinating to see these delicious creatures in the wild. It was hard for me to picture them in a way besides A) wrapped up at Sam’s with a price tag on their orange belly or B) on my plate at dinner. But there they were.

Golden Gardens Park
We heard there was a park near the Locks that had a beach. So, instead of naps, we decided to check it out.
The dark sand, rocky coastline, chilling breezes, and mountainous backgrounds were very different than what we are used to down on the Gulf Coast.
But I think I could have pushed the girls on the swings until my arms fell slap off, if I could just keep looking out at this view.

It seems that almost every neighborhood has a Farmer’s Market. Capitol Hill has one on Sunday and Queen Anne has one on Thursday. Sine the girls were already delirious from the jam-packed day, I thought one more stop couldn’t hurt us too bad.
The fruits,

And vegetables,

And breads,

And flowers,
Are so fresh and beautiful and locally grown, they can cause a poor girl to lay a lot of money (she didn’t have) at their feet, with aspiring dreams of all the food she will prepare!
And then, when she realizes that it’s way to late to start chopping away at all the fresh goodies this day, she can stop in at one of the many food stands (or BBQ trucks in this case) to buy dinner 🙂

And since there is a cute pregnant lady teaching kids how to make gelato and mini waffle cones, why not have dessert as well!

On our kid’s map of the US, the symbol for Seattle is…the Space Needle (surprise, surprise). Therefore, the girls learned to equate Seattle with the iconic symbol. I have heard over and over, “Mommy, when are we going to go to SEATTLE?” “We are IN Seattle girls. Right now. You are here.” “No, no, I mean the real Seattle!” Pace proclaims, pointing to the needle.
Welllllll, I checked immediately upon our arrival here, but learned that tickets were $18/adult and $11/child just to ride up in an elevator and look at the view. I love my kids, but $58 is a little steep (plus parking which is always expensive around here). So when a friendly blogger (Thank you AMY!!!) commented letting me know that this past Friday was FREE admission at the Space Needle, you can believe I packed up my cheap self and two excited girls and booked it over there…to stand in line for an HOUR AND A HALF. And in all my haste…I forgot my camera.
I have two camera phone pics and one of the cheasiest, funniest, tourist shots ever, to share with you 🙂
That cloud-like formation in the center of the shot is actually Mt. Ranier. It really does look like it is floating in the sky in real life too. Sorry you can’t see it better because I am scatter-brained.

No, she is not really about to fall to her death. There is some extremely thick glass behind her. She is just ever-so-thankful to have finally reached Seattle.
And then this…
I don’t know if its how extremely realistic the shot is, or how Mary Aplin is doing her dangdest to pry her little fingers from my hand in defiance of the hour and a half she’s been waiting in a line, or the pacey-please-a-lot smile plastered on my oldest daughter’s face, OR the ridiculously short sundress that was a heinous mistake on my part (the winds at the top are a force to be reckoned with–and not in a short, flowey skirt), but no matter what the reason, I chuckle every time I look at this one.
Will this post EVER end? Is anyone still reading besides my family???
Leavenworth, Washington
About two hours outside of Seattle, there is a cute little Bavarian village tucked into the mountains.



We spent a magnificent day there on Saturday!

Not everything is quaint…

Some sights border on the majestic…


After a day spent in the sun and water, we sampled the gelato and chocolate.

And listened to some locals strike up a toon 🙂

(A special thanks to Aunt Caroline for making Mapple’s dress. We LOVE it and are wearing it out!)

One big regret I have is that we couldn’t see The Sound of Music. Apparently they do a show at sunset in their outdoor theatre, and Maria comes marching through the fields singing “The Hills are Alive” with those mountains at her back. I am glad that none of you were there to see my face when the woman told me that they had very. strict. rules. about not allowing any children under the age of five into the theatre (as she looked my sweet girls up and down). If they hadn’t been sold out anyway….ohhh it made me mad.
We are excited about going again at Christmas. Apparently there is a big light show and I bet I could get a mug of hot chocolate 🙂
Whew! Good night!

18 Responses to “Seattle, Take 1”

  1. Nancy says:

    What amazing pictures!! The colors are just beautiful! Your girls are precious!

  2. Bon says:

    HAHAHA LOVE the cheesy tourist shot of you girls. Definitely a good chuckle! I really enjoyed that post!

  3. Kendall Boggs says:

    Love seeing Seattle! Post more!!!! Also, do u know what pattern that is that Pace is wearing? I have to make that for E! Looks like u guys are adjusting well and having a ball! Xoxo

  4. Anonymous says:

    Did our friend from Orlando go to Disney World everyday while she lived in Orlando.. Probably not. Do people that live in Seattle go to the farmers market each day or once a week probably I would say . Do they go to the Locks every day — maybe they they walk by it or ride their bike by it everyday on their way to work What I am trying to say is — I think that those that "bite the bullet" — because it can't be easy living in such rugged an area (Sunny, rainy , cold, windy snow and snow) but these are outdoorsy people and there seems soo much to see and do that – are there people in a rut out there ? maybe but it looks like a great place to live –it no doubt draws all kinds of people to try and make it and earn a living out there — some succeed and others move on … Bring on the travel log I love it!!!! . Disney Wold is a fantasy ,a fake Main street as it were — your Main street of fresh flowers, produce docks and fresh seafood is 100 per cent real– how awesome is that. I am sure many who read your blog are fascinated there can be a city as diverse as your new home.

  5. Tegan says:

    Just so you know, I wake up every morning and check my google reader to see if you've posted again:) Not kidding!!! I feel like I've been on this journey with you, wanting to jump through the computer a few times and participate and/or kill somebody for being ugly to you!!!!!! I just love all of your updates and have been praying for you while you are on this "journey" in life! Much LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Konie says:

    I love this trip you are taking us on Abby 🙂 Read it all and was looking for more:) I love seeing the different cities, and the terrain and cultural differences ….IN THE U.S. It's fascinating to me..thanks for sharing:)

  7. Pete and Ang says:

    Abby, I have to tell you that on the days that I simply do not feel like wandering out with my little girl and would much rather find projects around the house and wait for my husband to finish a busy day at the clinic (exactly how I'm feeling this morning), I read your blog and am completely inspired by your photos and adventures. We also live along the water with many places to explore. Perhaps we'll seek out something new today. 🙂

  8. Anonymous says:

    Okay I confess –clicking on your blog headlines takes me to a link — I had NO Idea. Also other web surfing has led me to the story of the Seattle freeze. have you felt the Seattle freeze???

  9. Lauren says:

    Not just family reading all the way! 🙂 I got such a good laugh out of that realistic picture of yall at the Space Needle. And I've gotta say, that picture of Jeremiah with the girls on the water is stunning. You have so many framers… is your house just full of pictures?

    Thanks for all the updates from over yonder on that side of the country. I've always wanted to go to Seattle and am glad to experience it through your eyes.

  10. Beth Goff says:

    I LOVE all the pics!! Its just beautiful there! I say keep them coming!!

  11. Gail says:

    Darn! YOU have found the neatest, places! Ashley, lived in Seattle, or FT. Lewis for four yrs. and I never saw that cute, cute, tourist town! It was soooo darn neat looking! I didn't even know that the Mountain was outside her door— for about five weeks! One day I'm walking the boys, and …there it was! LOL….You are lucky to be able to already see and do so much, Abby! Just enjoy it all. I did attend that Market you went to. And, the flowers are soooooo fab! Lavender everywhere! Wait until you see what they do at Christmas time! Glad all is going so well! Love, G

  12. Katie says:

    You're "home" and it's STILL a journey! What fun. I, for one, am still tagging along and enjoying every detail.

  13. Jennafer says:

    I just love reading your posts about Seattle. Please keep writing about all of these fabulous places you and your family visit.

    I am creating a list of places to visit the next time i am there 🙂

  14. Andrea says:

    I am so glad that y'all made it to the Ballard Locks. We went there several times because it is free and Madeline was obsessed with all the boats and fish! The last time we were there we saw a sea otter and a seal. Very cool!

    Jim said the weather has been really nice and it looks like it from your pics. I am glad y'all are having fun exploring!

  15. Caroline says:

    YAy!!! I absolutely loved the pics and especially Mapples little sweet dress 🙂 She looks so cute in it! haha mabye I am biast. I enjoy the posts of Seattle because it is like I am with you and that makes me happy. I miss you all so much. With all my love!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed following your trip across country and continue to enjoy seeing the sights of Seattle. So glad things seem to have gotten better after those first few culture shock days!

  17. Anonymous says:

    If this were a book, I would buy every copy! I love reading your stories!

  18. A fly on the wall says:

    I found your blog through Darby's, but I got addicted and couldn't stop reading it! My husband lived in Leavenworth for a summer and he is always talking about how he wants to go back…I showed him your pictures and he absolutely loved them! You have a precious family and I love the blog!!

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