First, in case you haven’t noticed, I put a link to my Etsy site over there on the sidebar. If you are so inclined to browse or buy–then bring it on! I have kept a small but steady stream of orders, not so much from Etsy as from friends asking me to do little projects/baby gifts for them. I am, unfortunately, nowhere near ready to buy that nightstand, but I do check on her most every day, and she is still waiting patiently 🙂

Second, I just added my email address to the sidebar as well. I did that because several of you have sent emails asking if I would embroider things you already have (pillowcases, bloomers, long-sleeve shirts…), and I am HAPPY HAPPY to do that too. Just so that we’re fair and I don’t tell one person one thing and one another (because I tend to do that), AND so that you will know before you email me, what kind of monetary commitment you are making (it is so hard for me to talk about money, I am cringing right now), I am thinking $12 if you just want a picture and $15 if you want a picture with a name. Does that sound fair??? Plus, don’t worry about shipping, because I figure we’re even–you ship to me, so I ship back to you.

Lastly, I have not put my email on the sidebar before now for several reasons…MOSTLY, I have every intention of turning this blog into a memory book for my family one of these days (I think it’s only fair since I have given up making baby books in lieu of the blog) and I WANT YOUR COMMENTS TO BE PART OF IT. If you start emailing me your thoughts, then I won’t have them til the end of time like I will the “comment section” (always count on me to be dramatic). Another reason I haven’t listed it before is because I am horrible, horrible, horrible about returning emails. Part of that is (honestly) procrastination, but part of it is the paralysis that comes over me whenever someone gives me a big gift that I don’t know how to thank them enough for. Kind words are the biggest gift anyone could give me, and a lot of times I look at emails over and over, and have panic attacks at random times (like when I am in the grocery store) about ones I’ve received–thinking thoughts like, “CRAP, Lindy-Lou sent me that sweet note and I have STILL not worked out what I want to say to thank her!” (Are you reading this Gail??? It was you I panicked about in the store today)

So anyway, I love your comments, and if you need to email me something personal that you can’t bear to post, then by all means email me (and give me a nice little grace period for responding). If you want to order something not in my Etsy store, then email me. But otherwise, please keep those comments coming so that I can save them up forever…Just this morning I went back and read some of the comments from when Mom was so sick…priceless.

[Today is my sister Caroline’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lina Jane!]

6 Responses to “Side Note, Literally”

  1. Natalie says:

    hey its natalie…just wanted you to know you have inspired two things recently:

    1) i learned how to embroider – and it is as addicting as knitting. i love it! such a fun way to spice up an every day onesie or tshirt.

    2) i made that pb pie recently and it was delish. i was actually on the phone with a friend of mine (from high school) telling her abt the pie and she laughed and said she made it too and its in her freezer! ha!

    its like pulling teeth to get these blog readers to comment isnt it? i try and fail every time.

    happy blogging~!

  2. andi says:

    Happy birthday Caroline!!!! What a precious girl you are and part of a beautiful, loving family!
    I am with you on the comments, it makes my heart smile. 🙂

  3. Lauren J. says:

    I'm with you on wanting folks to leave comments. It's so nice to have the comments right there with the blog story and I too am doing my blog as a keepsake/journal for my little boy. I've enjoyed so much reading your blog…you are such a talented writer. Your words are so heartfelt and help others more than you know…keep them coming 🙂

  4. Mandy says:

    Hey Abby!! I've never posted on a blog before, so I don't know if my name will show up. This is Mandy Chavers in case it doesn't.
    How does it feel to be so inspirational?? I keep telling Kyle and my Mom, "I just don't know how she does it! She's so thin and beautiful, so she obviously works out. She cooks and makes scones, embroiders, plays with her children, takes pictures, works in the yard, takes care of her dog (ours are COMPLETELY neglected now that the baby is here…I'm embarrassed to take them to see your dad), AND writes these just incredible, thoughtful and entertaining blog posts." I don't want to use the word jealous, b/c I hate that word and that emotion, but I have to admit that I am! And all of this is with TWO children and a husband that is home much less than mine! All I keep hearing is "Just wait until he is walking!" REALLY??!! That is worse than this stage of all the crying and carrying him around all day? Don't get me wrong, I love Luke and I am SO glad I am able to stay home with him, but I feel like I am not accomplishing anything. Well, other than raising a child that will hopefully not go to school and shoot the teacher one day. There are just so many things I want to do that I just end up doing nothing. Kyle told me yesterday that I should just ASK you how you do it! So, all of this to say…HOW DO YOU DO IT!!:)

  5. Abby Maddox says:

    Mandy, I want to reply to your ludicrous comment, but you don't have an email address on your profile or your blog. Send me your email address if you get this!

  6. Gail says:

    Hi Abby, I was sorry to learn that I gave you pause to worry over anything at all! Of course I will write on your blog page. I got to spend last week over at Wahapa Lake…Located about 30 mins from B'Ham , Gosh it was so fun and exciting..A tornado hit right where we "9" woman were retreating! Nothing was hurt, but goodness trees fell all around us! Hope your house and yard was okay! It was fun to return to Bama and relax with grade school friends! I still want you to get that over night stand. Where did you see this? Hope you are able to collect some funds and make yourself happy and buy it! Have a blessed day, and not to worry about anything! You are one sweet lady!

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