Are anyone else’s children going stir crazy this winter. Too cold to play outside. Too boring to play with the same old toys inside. The only solution…to follow their Mom around the house, trying to “help” and ask a zillion questions!!

My friend Lauren sent me this website with crafts for 2 year olds, and the other day we did this one. It gave us an activity we could do together and she could use those little hands she’s been so desperate to put to good use. Hope this helps all of your stir crazy homes as well!

On a much more serious note, in the same email that my friend Lauren told me about this website, she also asked if I would tell you about Jenny’s Light . This organization began a year ago, when a Mom, just like you and me, was suffering from Postpartum Depression and took her own life and the life of her newborn son. The Mom’s name was Jenny. Her husband, Chip, was in residency with Jeremiah. Jenny was only a couple of weeks ahead of me…she carrying Graham while I was carrying Mary Aplin. She and Graham both died on the same day as Mom…December 19th. I was in such shock about Mom that I could hardly register what had happened to them. There were weeks where I could not look at Mary Aplin’s smile, almost the exact same age as Graham, without feeling my insides turn over–knowing what Jenny and Chip were missing. When I moved back to Birmingham, a week after Mom, Jenny, and Graham’s passing, I began to sift through the piles of mail and found Graham’s birth announcement. I haven’t posted about this before, mainly because it didn’t feel like my story to tell, but Jenny’s Light is trying to raise money and spread awareness for other Mom’s, like us, who might need help but don’t know how to find it. Please check the website out, and give if your heart feels inclined.

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  1. Mary Grace says:

    Thanks for sharing. I also had a childhood friend take her life as a result of PPD…don’t know if I ever told you…but nonetheless, what an important cause to get behind. I’m going to order some stamps!

  2. Kellie Patton says:

    Oh, reading that leaves me breathless (I’m really finding it hard to breath)- we all need support and encouragement – it’s HARD being a mother, wife, friend and the countless other things we are called to do. Thanks for sharing this heartbreaking story.

  3. Rhett, Megan, Claire and Ford says:

    Thanks for bringing attention to Jenny’s light. I didn’t know her personally but when I heard what happened I couldn’t sleep for about 3 nights afterward. I still sometimes look at Ford who is almost the exact same age as her little boy would have been and feel overwhelmed knowing little Graham is not here.

  4. andi says:

    I remember that precious family and it breaks my heart. I also suffered from postpartum with Benjamin, I am still overwhelmed thinking of how difficult her days were. Thank you for sharing her story.

  5. the baileys says:

    Abby, thank you for posting about Jenny's Light. Jenny & Chip were dear friends of mine, and Chip & I have since remained close. This hit me very hard last year, it took months for life to "get back to normal." And, I'm not even a mom, so I imagine it was more difficult for those who know an inkling of what Jenny was going through. I've been thinking about this this week because Jenny's bday was on the 5th & the anniversary of her death is so soon. Abby, I'll be thinking about you next week also! Thanks again for posting about this – I wish she would have known how loved she was & how much help was available!! I hope that Jenny's Light will save other's lives.

  6. Lydia says:

    Abby, Thanks for posting about Jenny’s Light. I was not aware of the tragedy nor the organization. As anyone who has suffered PPD would understand, this is such an important cause to bring attention to and support.
    I will be thinking about you next week. And reading your blog as always!
    -Lydia Roney Wright

  7. Holly says:

    Could someone please post an update on Chip Bankston? When I heard about what happened via the local news last year I was so shocked and so sad. I spent many nights up late reading blogs and websites and trying to figure out what had happened to Jenny. I feel so sad that I never had the chance to know either Jenny or Graham. Thanks!

  8. Anna Emblom says:

    Abby – thank you for your comments about Jenny’s Light. The organization is so close to my heart. We miss Jenny so much and feel like we can help keep her light shining by helping through the organization. For the person asking about Chip, he is “surviving” in Charlotte. He is very busy with his fellowship and enjoys living there. I have been thinking about Chip as well as you and your family during the holiday season. Keep writing – you are such an inspiration to me.
    Take care, Anna

  9. Nai Nai says:

    I found a blog through your blog and followed these guys all summer. I had my blog made over and lost their site. Could you help me? I think one of the names were stewart. They were on a journey by foot, bus,etc and I think they were in Columbia or peru.

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