Did anybody else wake up to find that Spring whole-heartedly gave way to summer this morning? It was unmistakably humid and hot-heavy today. Here I’ve been wishing and wishing for summer to come, only to find myself cursing her as I stayed on the verge of heat exhaustion all through my run today 🙂

Just wanted to let you all know I am Ok, and thank you for your prayers and calls and emails. I have developed a list of 5 sure things to get you out of depression:

1) Stand in the shower and let the hot water beat the crap out of your face while you cry…hard.

2) Write all those emotions down (if you’re like me, you can do it on the world-wide web), and tell yourself, “I’ve cried as hard as I’ve wanted to, now I’m leaving it all on this page.”

3) Take your children to the park and watch them play. This serves a 2-fold purpose–it gets you in the outside world (out of that dark hole your house has most surely become) AND it makes you smile, which is key.

4) Take a long nap and sleep it off (preferably with your 3-year old who will be willing to cuddle as need be)

AND NUMBER 5) Eat a solid handful of Oreo cookies with a glass of whole milk.

Voila! You’re ready to face the crowds at Chick-Fil-A without even a hint of an embarrassing emotional breakdown (like you had at the gym a few hours before :)).
On second thought, maybe it was just the combination of the prayers y’all prayed, the God we serve…and those Oreos 😉

I’ll leave you with a word from our 3-year old who had “Dress like your Mommy or Daddy” Day at school.

Me: Pace, do you want to be a doctor and wear a white coat and carry a doctor’s kit? Or do you want to be a Mommy and wear an apron?

Pace: I want to be a Mommy when I grow up. Dapples is going to be the doctor (she says matter-of-factly as she pats Mary Aplin on top of the head).

Me: Why do you want to be a Mommy when you grow up?

Pace: I just do (she says as she tilts her head to the side and grins at me–forcing me to have to try really hard not to eat her in one bite).

Me: What do Mommy’s do anyway?

Pace: They make breakfast.

Me: Anything else? (Again I see the thoughts churning, I just know she’s about to spit out a good one)

Pace: Well, they work on computers and tell you “No” too.

And there you have it. My job description. I make breakfast, work on the computer, and say “No” a lot. Anybody want to hire me:)?

10 Responses to “Summer Came Today”

  1. Natalie Roe says:

    we felt it full force here too! we have had such a wonderful spring this year, summer kind of comes as a shock

    you are so strong abby…and your daughters are precious

  2. Darby says:

    hilarious… i’ll hire you. i probably have the same job description. 🙂

  3. JHWatson says:

    Abby – it has been a while since my last comment, but when I read your post on someone to love and I so feel your pain. Everyday as I watch my sweet little girls grow, I think of my mom and how she is not here to share it with me. No advice on how to handle attitude from a five year old or to hear her laugh at me as I tell her how I had to clean poo out of my 18 month olds hair and crib. Funny now but not at the time. I do so pray for healing for your heart and ask you do the same for me. Also, I was real busy last week and got behind on my blog stalking so I missed th drawing. I am not very lucky anyway, but definetly would be interesed in buying from you. I absolutely love my sister. Not to make this too long but I also wanted to share that I saw your dad in Hallmark before Valentines and the saleswoman asked if she could help him find something for his wife or girlfriend. I almost cried as he told her how his wife had passed away, I wanted to go up and hug him even though he doesn’t know me. I probably would have if my husband hadn’t been with me and threatened me not to say anything to him. My heart just went out to him. Sorry so long

  4. andi says:

    Heeeee!!! Benjamin asked me why I was ALWAYS on the computer. A little dramatic I would say! 😉 I hope you guys have a great day!!!! OHHHHH!

  5. Tegan says:

    hey abby! i just wanted to tell you that i’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. i’m so sorry that you had such a hard day the other day. your pain touches my heart more then you know. i know it all too well. just wanted to tell you that i love you!

  6. Abby Euten says:

    I would hire you…I’m sure Ella would describe me the same way! That and (embarrassingly) somedays we wear pj’s ALL day and she loves her pj’s best!! Sidenote: we do shower, just get dressed in pj’s again:)

  7. Gail says:

    You…are in the right job!!!!! Teaching the right stuff! Glad you found the way through…cookies and God! They do go together and make me feel good! Keep praying and dipping!!! At least I like to dip my cookies in milk! LOL… Glad your day is brighter, dear. You should be in VA. the air is still cool, but the entire lake is in bloom….and all the little babes are coming soon! The ducks, geese, and swans are waiting it all out! It's like the entire world is waking up! LOL>.Have a blessed day.

  8. Ashly says:

    Glad you’re feeling better. I am so happy when those funks peace out and go away. You have a very sweet girl there! I love the story of the conversation:)

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Megan says:

    LOL She sounds like Layla. I was filling out an interview with your kid thing that was being passed around on Facebook a while back. One question was what is your mommy’s favorite thing to do. Others put their kid saying “Play with me!” or “Sing me songs”…Layla said “Do work on the computer.” Made me feel like mom of the year!

  10. Elizabeth & Robert says:

    abby…i love reading your blog! you are precious, inspiring, honest, real, hilarious and a breath of fresh air. thanks for being YOU!

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