A Little Less Talk and A Lot More Pictures

The next morning when the girls came to meet their long-awaited baby brother...he was just wrapping up a little procedure involving his man parts 🙂 Pace REFUSED to look at any pictures of him, she would only have the real thing. So, their first glimpse was through the glass in the nursery as he recovered.


When he finally came back to our room, they were in awe. Love-struck is a much better term for what Pace was experiencing. She asked me if she could marry him.


I'm including this because I feel the need to show at least one new, whole family shot...but the puffiness hurts me. I think Mary Aplin's face may compensates for my puffiness 🙂


Caroline, Riley, Kendall, and Watson. The two sisters who had put away all my Christmas decorations the day before and their counterparts. I've been meaning to do a post on this announcement (and will soon), but in case you notice the ring clutching Jay Paul, Kendall and Watson are ENGAGED! Getting married in July.


Caroline told us Christmas day that she and Riley are going to have a baby in July!!!!!! !!!!!! Looks like they're ready. Looks like July should be a hummdinger of a month 🙂


Poor Sarah and Tommy. I made them pose together with Jay Paul and they've only been on a handful of dates. Gotta love friends who are willing to let you make them awkward.


The view from my hospital bed.


Kendall, Grandpa, Grandma, and Aunt Alice.


Jay Paul's Great Grandmama. I'm crying.


Jeremiah's brother, Josh and his girlfriend Kady.


Chillin' in the hospital on New Year's Day.


Heading home, feeling awkward in the wheelchair, but not looking as awkward as Jeremiah who is on his knees and not severed at the knee as he looks.


Putting Jay Paul to sleep in his cradle for the first time. I think we'd all been trying to picture him there and it felt surreal to see his little body finally at home where he belonged.



Exhausted after his first doctor's visit.


Pace told Jeremiah, "Daddy, I'm going to feed and take care of Jay Paul at night so you and Mommy don't have to get up. You know, my room is upstairs with his, and it's really not safe for yall to come up and down the stairs at night-time."


Annnnd, life with a newborn begins.


One week old.


At this point he was a little over a week and had just re-gained his birth weight. I keep looking at him and wondering how in the WORLD that whole baby had been crammed between my chest and where my hands are resting??!!


Sometimes, Pace corrects me on how I take care of Jay Paul...I'm not exactly sure who the Mommy is around here.


He stays happier in Dapple's lap than anyone elses...but with the faces she makes, I'm not sure why I trust her with him 🙂 Does she look like she's always up to something to anybody else?


So you know that he does open his eyes occasionally. I want to eat him, whole.


We went to the doctor at 5 days and then two weeks. In nine days, the little man had gained a whole pound and grown an inch. Two weeks, 10 pounds 3 ounces. And a momma who is thankful her milk seems to be doing the trick so far. Wonder if the nurses think it's strange that I squeak with excitement when they tell me how much weight my baby has gained?

18 Responses to “A Little Less Talk and A Lot More Pictures”

  1. molly says:

    He is beautiful!!! I can’t imagine the joy your heart must feel.

    I love all of Pace’s remarks. Sweet sister.

    So very happy for your family of 5!

  2. Katie Snow says:

    What a beauitful baby boy! Congrats!

  3. Natalie Roe says:

    Both my other children gained monumentally early on like that and, yes, I squealed like a little girl. This boy on the oter hand gained hardly anything at first but then gained almost two pounds from week two to four. To say I was excited was an understatement. I love me some big happy babies!! (oh yeah, and it helps with the sleeping part too…) 😉 you family is precious and pace is quite precocious!! (She and Bennett would have a great time “reasoning” each other to death! Ha!)

  4. Abby- He is beautiful. Very, very handsome. LOVED the pics you shared. We miss y’all! xoxo- Brooke

  5. laurenbtrain says:

    Love the pictures! Jay Paul is a handsome fella and I concur with the excitement over milk and babies gaining weight! CONGRATS to Caroline and Riley (I worked at JH with both of them!) and I LOVE seeing the picture of Grandma and Aunt Alice. Their smiles remind me of your wonderful mother!

  6. awww, he’s beautiful! This post gives me baby fever!! I can just feel the love in your pictures. So, so sweet!

  7. Liz McNeil says:

    What a sweet sweet boy and family! I’m just a blog follower but I think he looks like your dad in the last couple of pictures. 🙂 Congratulations again!

  8. Gina says:

    What great photos! You look beautiful in the picture of the five of you. I especially love the ones of your daughters with their brother. Priceless! 🙂

  9. Andi says:

    That last picture is adorable!! Of course all of them are! Yes! MA is so expressive! I Love it! Pace is a very proud big sister! 🙂

  10. joy says:

    Abby, He is beautiful!! There is just nothing like a newborn 🙂
    My Mallory is still saying she is going to marry baby Luke. Enjoy every moment!

  11. Emily says:

    What wonderful photos! There is so much love and happiness here – thanks for sharing and congratulations again!

  12. Allyson Dozier says:

    Abby, he is just as beautiful as his sisters!!! And that Pace looks just like Alex did at that age! They are all 3 just beautiful!!! I am due in May (boy), and seeing these pictures make me so excited. Glad to know big sisters are doing good. Gives me hope for MM who will be about 6 weeks shy of 5. Congrats to you and Jeremiah! (So pumped Tommy is seeing someone! He’s a good catch!)

  13. Sue Marie says:

    I am a part of that club too, the Natural Childbirth one. Mine ended at 21 hours and a very similar one to yours..talking c-section after all that work! The forceps were used though. Thankfully after 30 years he’s done fine.
    Mike and I love to keep up with our Clark/Maddox family through your blog. Keep writing..you’re doing an excellent job both as a mother and writer!
    Congratulations to you, Jeremiah, Pace and Mary Aplin!
    From the West Coast,
    Sue Marie

  14. Megan says:

    Congratulations! What a wonderful birth story! I almost had my third in a Mexican restaurant on Cinco de Mayo so I loved reading about your steak dinner! Welcome to the world of boys!! Have fun!

  15. Jessica Adams Peed says:

    ABBY! Congrats to your family!!!! You look beautiful in every picture! I am so happy there is finally a BOY!!! Congrats again!!! Love ya’ll


  16. Jenny Sollie says:

    Abby! Love love love!! He is perfect! I can’t wait to see him! So proud for you all!! So sweet! Congrats!!

  17. Amie Ezelle says:

    Loved the pics! So glad he is healthy and doing well. It looks like you have some pretty good helpers around 🙂 And, yes, I do think Dapples looks like she could be up to something quite a lot! We have one of those too! So happy for you guys! Love to all of you!

  18. Amanda Blake says:

    Wow! @ 30 weeks approaching here for the Turners, it’s amazing to see this little guy. Love the pictures and still in awe ~ thanks for sharing. Congratulations! Bring that baby bumkin to Birmingham so we can squeeze him! 😉

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