We turned in Jeremiah’s fellowship rank list last night. Meaning, we will find out in one week (on May 12th) where we will be transplanted for a year. I would have no hesitation about telling you where he ranked the nine various programs across the country he interviewed with, BUT the programs still have not turned in THEIR rank lists and (while I realize it sounds a little paranoid), I don’t want any of them to haphazardly google “jeremiah maddox” and find his stupid wife has listed out his preferences and decreased his chances.

I am excited, but a little nervous too. I think it will be a fun adventure for our family, although there are a couple places on this list (one of them his NUMBER TWO spot) where I can’t say I have ever had any inkling desire to want to live. I can do anything for ONE year…right?

Last night, before he made the final list, we both prayed together. I am thankful to have a husband who makes me feel like an important asset in all of his big decisions. I feel like he values my opinion (way more than he should, honestly) and always makes great effort to ensure me that this is OUR journey and not just his. It was a sweet time, where God reminded me of his awesome provision throughout Jeremiah’s journey in medicine. I wish I had had this blog back when he was in medical school/matching for residency programs. We saw God involved in such intimate details of that process! Every time we come to a new juncture I get scared and have to remind myself of all the ways He has proved that He is holding us tenderly in the palm of His hand.

I’ll let you know when we find out! Tick Tock, Tick Tock

(BTW, we will not actually be moving to this place for another year–summer 2010. I know that’s a little confusing.)

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  1. Jason and Laura Brantley says:

    i will be praying for you guys…I can only imagine that this is such and exciting time but scary too!!

  2. The Jernigan's says:

    Good Luck Abby! I know that had to be exciting yet nerve racking.

  3. Kellie says:

    Can’t wait to hear where you’ll be – glad you are so optimistic about it all, but at least your girls are young enough where it won’t be too bad a transition for them! Hope you’ll be back to Alabama after that year!!!!

  4. Konie says:

    Sounds exciting and adventurous to me!! A WHOLESOME ADVENTURE is what I believe we have heard something like this called : ) : )If you ever write a book about how you saw God’s hand in every aspect of your life ( I think of doing that all the time when I look BACK on my life), this will be one more of those moments you’ll look back on with a smile. You’ll more than likely have that year in one of those fascinating cities, filled with visits from family and friends : ) Will pray for that perfect match for May 12 : )

  5. aedozier says:

    Abby, I can only imagine with Jeremiah where this might lead you. Out west would be my guess. What a fun time for your family!! What a fun book it would be. You should make one on shutterfly after your adventure!

  6. Darby says:

    tick tock, tick tock… can’t wait to hear of where the Lord will take you… and what a comfort you have in KNOWING He will meet you there! Love sweet Pace too… in that precious little dress!

  7. Gail says:

    Today our precious daughter and her family are packing up and moving. They are…Hawaii bound!They will live on POST for 3 yrs. I can’t wait to visit them and our two, sweet LIL’ boys. I miss them so. Let’s see…they did their time in Seattle, WA. for three long yrs. Two yrs. in Kansas City, KS. NOW for the fun and sun!!!!I sure hope you get your first wish. It’s a fun time, and I give thanks to our Lord that y’all are in good hands!

  8. andi says:

    The whole excitement thing is fabulously fun! Easy for me to say~ Knowing it is only for a year—a GIANT adventure! That’s the kind of adventure I like, one that is open ended. 🙂

  9. Jenny says:

    Hey Abby, I know this is such a highly anticipated thing for all of you. Just wanted you to know that Adam and I are thinking about you, and whatever happens or wherever you go or don’t go….you will look back on with awe of God’s plan for you.

  10. Blueprint Bliss says:

    Abby- Such a fun time. Can’t wait to hear where y’all matched. And yes- God is so good. I had to remind myself of that throughout the the matching process for residency. I reminded myself over and over that it was in His hands. And still is. -Brooke

  11. Lindsey says:

    very exciting! can’t wait to hear where the Lord leads your family. we spent 10 months in kazakhstan that i wouldn’t trade for anything (supposed to be a year but had to come home to have Elle). it will go by fast… especially if you love it:)! do you think you guys will eventually end up in dothan???

  12. JD and Danielle says:

    That is so great. You guys are just ahead of us in things and it is great to hear about it. We just matched into ortho in Greenville, SC and remember how I wouldn’t have dared put our rank list on our blog. Anyways, can’t wait to hear where you are going for fellowship.

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