New Addition:No, not in my belly 🙂 Do you remember Lucy? She’s going to stay with us a few days a week, every other week…AND WE ARE ALL EXCITED!!! I’ve been having major baby cravings (that I can’t scratch considering the fact that we are about to move across the country for a year). So, I’m excited to have baby smelling, cooing, grinning, bundle to love on. And the girls…This was their initial reaction when they woke up this morning to see me holding a newborn in my arms–Pace ran to get a book and started reading to her. Mary Aplin began bringing offerings of her favorite stuffed animals 🙂 Maybe they’re having baby cravings too???
AND, Drum roll please………..DAD’S ENGAGED!!!!!!

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  1. Kellie says:


  2. Anna says:

    I can bring Elle to you too if you REALLY want to satisfy those baby cravings!!! And I just gasped out loud…congrats to your sweet daddy!!

  3. Lauren says:

    i definintally think mary aplin would make a great big sister…and WOW! Cant believe your pops is engaged! Congrats to him and his fiance. they look so happy 🙂

  4. erika says:

    hip hip hooray!! babies and marriage! God is good! i bet Lucy's mom is thrilled to have you as a friend, what a blessing you must be to her!!!

  5. Kelley Brown says:

    I need to come over and subdue my baby fever because 3 under 2 1/2 isn't an option right now. 🙂

    Wow on the engagement! Congrats to him!

  6. Blueprint Bliss says:

    Abby- Lucy is adorable. So sweet of you to keep her.

    And congrats to your dad. I know he's so excited.

  7. Em says:

    Abby, wanted to finally "delurk" since I have now met you in person…I'm a friend of Natalie Gavin's and I met you Saturday morning at the Hidden Park in Crestline! I wanted to tell you then that I have been reading your blog for a while and love it, but I had to run off to do an errand with my mom. So just officially "introducing" myself now. Can't remember exactly how I found your blog the first time, but I think it was through a high school friend of mine's blog. Your family is so cute and you have a way with words, so once I found it, I was hooked and have been reading ever since! Congrats to your dad and have fun with that sweet little baby!
    Emily Jones

  8. The Williams Family says:

    Congrats to you and your family!

  9. mitzi says:

    Wow, Konie and Ken we wish them much happiness and joy. They both deserve it!!! Go Lucy!!

  10. Gail says:

    I am so happy for your Dad. This lady sounds like a great, great, woman who will add a lot of love to all of your lives. I lost my Mom, too, to cancer about your same age. I know none of it is easy, dear. My Dad and Mom went together since they were 13 yrs. old, and she died at age 50 yrs. young. My prayers are for all of you! I loved the new PIC's of the baby with the girls…Sooo sweet!

  11. Lindsey says:

    i was kinda thinking you might be announcing a baby! but i guess keeping one is the next best thing. congrats to your dad.

  12. ml says:

    I got to talk to your dad and his now fiancee when we did the Champions of Hope race (that my SIL helped to start) in Dothan. I really enjoyed talking to them both, and she seemed really great. I am so happy for your dad, and glad you get to get some baby time!

  13. Darby says:

    Abby, I almost fell out of my chair two times!! Oh my goodness… sweet Lucy and your dad! It's almost too much to write about in a single post. I know Whitney is being blessed by you and I pray that Lucy will bless you and the girls as well!!! And please tell us the story of Ken and Konie… I'm dying for details.

  14. GranJan says:

    Abby, we met your dad a few weeks ago at dinner with Konie. WOW, he is amazing!!! The minute we were introduced, we felt like we had known him forever. For months I have been dying to meet him! As Konie's BEST and FAVORITE FRIEND (right, Konie?!?!?! lol!), I give him the GranJan "seal of approval"! OH MY GOODNESS, what an adorable couple they are!!!! They truly seem such an ideal couple and I'm so glad to be able to finally meet him!!! I know you are proud of him and happy for him, too. He talked about his girls and his face just "lit up" when he talked about yall and his grandgirls. As Konie's bestest friend, my heart is filled to overflowing for her!!! ANd now, having met your dad, for him too!!! I'm soooo excited!..Next I hope to meet all of yall, your dad's amazing girls!…Blessings and joy! Jan aka GranJan! <>< xxx ooo

  15. aedozier says:

    What two better things are there than babies and a wedding! So excited for you over both!!!

  16. andi says:

    What a blessing for that sweet mama to have your girls and you love on that little dumpling!
    What a blessing to see your dad smile so big.

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