I took this picture today during lunch. Normally, by the time I’ve finished preparing all the little parts of Pace’s lunch, she is within 2 minutes of being done eating. Today, I thought I would use those 2 minutes to try and unload the dishwasher. I got the bottom shelf unloaded, then the top, the silverware put away, and then I started thinking…hmmm…Pace is being awful quiet in there. This is what I walked in the breakfast room to find. I laughed so loud that I almost woke her up before I got to take this precious picture.

The past few days have been a whirlwind. Especially for the little girl 🙂 I had a bachelorette party at the lake for one of my best friends, so Mrs. Maddox met me in Montgomery to take Pace to Dothan for the weekend. She stayed with Papa and Moogie for a couple days and then Bebe and Papa for a couple of days after that. Little Pace didn’t make it back to her Mama until late Monday night. I am not really sure what all they do with her down there, but I do know that they wear her out good for me!

No matter how much I was looking forward to my “vacation,” there was still something horribly painful about watching Mrs. Maddox’s car pull away and seeing Pace’s confused little face staring at me from the back seat. “Something’s different Mommy?” she seemed to convey to me as she was whisked out of my sight. I didn’t cry this time, but my heart was oh so heavy. I had an excellent time with my friends, and felt completely comfortable knowing that she was having a blast in the hands of people who cherish her and her exuberant company, but I couldn’t help missing my little buddy. She is such a constant in my life, that it was similar to what it would feel like to spend the weekend without your left arm. Maybe it doesn’t DO all that much for you, and it may even get in the way a bit if your trying to take a nap and can’t find a comfortable place to put it. However, you certainly don’t feel right without it, and it sure is a comfort to know it’s there when you need it 🙂

I, of course, was very ready by Tuesday morning for our emotion filled reunion. I crept into the dining room where she was hanging out with her Papa; I smiled my biggest smile, crouched on the floor and called out her name. She looked at me, started to smile but covered it up as best she could, and then she turned on her heel and headed for the kitchen. Uggh! Talk about knocking the wind out of your sails. I was at least prepared for it a bit, because she acted the same way when we picked her up after being in NY. It’s like she needs to punish me for a little while. It’s like she needs me to know that she’s been living just fine without me and now having me BACK is a little strange.

SO, what did I do??? I waved goodbye to my parents and then took Pace to the Zoo. I did invite my Dad to come along with us in the end, but I was going to show her what a good time she can have if Mommy is around. We left the Zoo and she was so tired that she passed out before we pulled out of the parking lot. Then we spent the afternoon going out to lunch and playing in the yard. This morning I had a doctor’s appointment (which went GREAT by the way and I got to hear our new little bundle’s heartbeat again!) so she went out to breakfast with her Daddy. Then, I took her to Mother Goose story/play/puppet time at the library. Needless to say, this is what I have driven her to by trying to win back her affection…she can’t even stay awake long enough to eat lunch. Well, she has been super affectionate since yesterday afternoon, and I have gotten lots of hugs, kisses, and hold tu’s. So, I may have worn us both out, but at least I’ve got her back 🙂

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  1. Melissa Richie says:

    What a sweet blog! Abby, you are great a describing things. It makes me excited to think about a child as you described Pace – your analogy to your left arm left me thinking and smiling!

  2. Lindsay says:

    She sleeps with that same look on her face as her momma does!

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